Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Review

 A Dame Not Worth the Wait Sin City is a noir infused fever dream. Every corner hosts a sleazy bar and each is home to an array of strippers, crooked cops, broken men, broken dreams and every class of...

CounterSpy Review

History repeats itself in CounterSpy CounterSpy is anemic Cold War satire. Bursts of solid color, pop art aesthetics, and colorful jingoism fail to enliven this (mostly) side scrolling, stealthy yarn about...

Metro Redux Review

Death Is In The Air Clouds covered the sun and cast long shadows over the bones of post-apocalyptic Moscow. years prior, nuclear war ravaged this once beautiful place, leaving her broken and scarred. Within...

Editorial: Digital Freebies Doom Studios to Fail

If we're entitled, it's the publisher's fault. This month, Microsoft is offering Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero free with Xbox Live Gold. Sony? It's additional freedom in tandem with PlayStation Plus. On...

Edge of Tomorrow Gets New Title

Here We Go Again In another case of marketing gone awry, the recent Tom Cruise sci-fi/action film Edge of Tomorrow is going to have a new title when it hits home video on October 7th....
magic deathblow

Duels of the Planewalkers: Magic 2015 Review

Another year, another opportunity to make Magic happen on the PC... If the decision to adapt a trading card game for XBLA and Steam sounded odd when Duels was first released in 2009, it seems less so today....

Remembering Robin Williams (1951-2014)

Comedians have the ability to touch our lives in numerous ways. Their jokes can make us laugh, rethink our current position in life or even strive to be better people....