Star Wars Battlefront Could Be Delayed to 2016

Last week, Battlefield: Hardline was delayed to the first quarter of 2015. This decision showcases Electronic Art’s dedication to releasing quality over quantity; however, this affects other titles that are...
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The Squidder! Ben Templesmith Interview

With the forthcoming publication of Ben Templesmith’s Kickstarter funded original graphic novel The Squidder, we interviewed the Australian writer/artist about the project’s creation and his experiences...

Guardians of The Galaxy: Where To Start?

So you’re interested in reading some Guardians Of The Galaxy comics to whet your ‘tites for the forthcoming movie. Buuuut you’ve looked at the daunting (and ever increasing number of) Marvel comics that...

Rogue Legacy Review

To die a thousand deaths. Thirty seconds spent within the castle's walls was all that it took for my short-sighted, irritable bowel syndrome suffering hero to succumb to death during my first sit down with...

True Blood – Lost Cause Review

Remember when Jason and Eric totally made out a few weeks ago? Yeah. Me too. Obviously. But I don't remember much else from that episode or, to tell the truth, a whole lot from a season that's largely...

Halt and Catch Fire – Episode 1.8 The 214s Review

Halt and Catch Fire lost it this week. The first couple of episodes this season certainly weren't strong, but there was no reason to write the show off entirely. It's premise and choice of setting (barring...

What Can We Expect From an Uncharted Movie?

The date is set, but what can we expect? It's pretty well an almost universally-agreed upon fact among gamers (and probably the rest of the populace as well) that film adaptations of video games are terrible....
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Divinity: Original Sin Review

Divinity: Original Sin is a welcome reminder we don't earn our stripes in RPGs. Modern genre titles aid players with faery-dust trails to quest objectives, crafting cookbooks, or off limit areas to contain...