Nightcrawler Review

Gyllenhaal Of Fame   In the opening moments of Nightcrawler, we're introduced to Jake Gyllenhaal's character while he's stealing copper from a construction site in the middle of the night. After...

The Flash “Going Rogue” Review

Winter Is Coming Now that’s a whole hell of a lot more like it. With this week’s Flash we don’t see a change from the formula that’s plagued the show but, for the first time, we see importance thrust...

Sunset Overdrive Review

Driving Too Hard From the perspective of '90s counter culture, Sunset Overdrive executes a blistering comedic expose on consumer materialism. But, while it is repeatedly cognizant of its existence as a video...

Pulp 365’s Halloween Safety Tips

It's that time of year again when ghost and ghouls come out to play. But while playing with said ghosts and ghouls, it's good to remember a few safety tips to make sure you have the most fun in the safest way...

The Crew Gets A Second Beta

Ubisoft's upcoming racer, The Crew, will launch its second beta from November 6th to November 10th. The open-world "CaRPG" beta will come this time to PS4 and Xbox One, after the first beta was a PC exclusive...

Arrow S3 Recap: The Rise of Speedy

Whoa. Arrow’s latest episode did something I thought was impossible: It made me like Ollie when he’s pretending to be normal Ollie. Since the show’s start, Stephen Amell has played three characters on...

Spooky Scary: Pulp’s Favorite Horror Movies

Hey there Pulp Nation! 'Tis the season to be screamin' so we here at Pulp thought now would be a great time to share some of our favorite scary movies for you to enjoy this coming weekend....
Shadow Warrior_20141026202706

Shadow Warrior Review

Confucius Say This Is Game Okay, But The Original Is Better Shadow Warrior satirizes video games just by being one. Crude and unflinchingly gory, this revisit to an elderly, pre-visual Microsoft era of DOS is...