Evil Within Review

Of Chains and Chainsaws Evil Within is defiant. Created in signature from Resident Evil's architect Shinji Makami, Evil Within's grotesqueness challenges all forward movement of contemporary game design....

Alien Isolation Review

At Home, Everyone Can Hear You Scream Alien Isolation is unequivocally a sequel to 1979's horror icon Alien - you can tell because it lacks the nuance. Sequels always do. Ridley Scott's Alien was a film about...

Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor Review

More Like Less-dor   Uruks are beautiful in their Orc-ish hideousness. Their facial stubble moves with mesmerizing lip sync and drip beads of sweaty belligerence. Their teeth are notably broken. Their...

Forza Horizon 2 Review

Ride With Me Social events are natural to Forza Horizon 2. Suddenly, those pesky notifications to join up with friends and begin car clubs makes sense. Horizon's splendid attitude of positivity and...

Hyrule Warriors Review

Hyrulian Escapism   Strategy and thought are like an acid to Hyrule Warriors. This is Zelda flushed with excess, the Michael Bay Hollywood edition where decades of subtly are whisked away under a...

South Park “The Cissy” Review

Feeling Good On A Wednesday   When I saw the preview for South Park's latest episode "The Cissy", I was worried that the show might go into some uncomfortable areas. It's not that I don't trust Trey...

The Best of David Fincher

Not since the days of Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock has a director been so universally acclaimed, not to mention divisive, in his own lifetime as David Fincher. Comparing Fincher to those two masters of...

Is Twin Peaks Returning To TV?

That show you like is going to come back in style. Ah, David Lynch. Long before Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro were making a cryptic Silent Hills teaser, Lynch was using his signature brand of creepiness to...
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South Park: “Gluten Free Ebola” Review

While this might not go down as the best season of South Park, it will certainly be remembered as one of its most structurally bold. Fresh off the boys returning to school after failing to launch their...

The Criterion Component – September 2014

Welcome back to Pulp's Criterion Component, folks! All apologies for not being able to post the August edition but as Ian Malcolm once said, "Life...finds a way."...