Kancolle 1

Anime Zone : Kantai Collection

The "Mecha musume" genre of anime (Which turns WWII weaponry and vehicles into cute girls because why not) has been becoming increasingly popular within the last half-decade or so. With that being said, the...
Death Parade 2

Anime Zone : Death Parade

There are plenty of unsolved mysteries and unanswered questions out there. Perhaps the most common among all of these is, "What will happen to us when we die?" Most people turn to faith to answer this...
Avengers Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

There was a shot early on in Age of Ultron that I loved so much I made my hands into fists and started shaking my arms up and down like an excited baby. The camera moves through the woods, following the...
Fafnir 3

Anime Zone : Unlimited Fafnir

If a giant magic tree appeared one day and offered to give you a big-ass, time-altering laser gun in exchange for a few memories that you don't even care about, what would you do? You'd take the damn laser...
Tokyo 2

Anime Zone : Tokyo Ghoul √A

Before I begin, I would like you to know that this review is going to spoiler-free, and that includes both THIS season AND the first season of the show. I will do my best to keep out any information revealed...
Shirobako 1

Anime Zone : Shirobako

I think it's common knowledge that two of the most important things in the world are doughnuts and anime. But when you combine those two things with well-written comedy, a plethora of memorable characters, and...
Parasyte 1

Anime Zone : Parasyte: The Maxim

What does it mean to be human? Is it our DNA that sets us apart from the other creatures that inhabit the earth? From a scientific standpoint, the answer to that question would be "Yes". However, we are not...
It Follows

It Follows Review

My initial reaction to hearing about David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows was this: “It won’t be better than The Babadook”. I wasn’t trying to be closed minded. The premise intrigued me and the...
Shigatsu 5

Anime Zone : Your Lie In April

From the moment we are born until to moment we die, we are not alone. And though more times than not it may feel like we are, we must overlook all of the pain and anguish -- all of those things that we are...
Top 10 2014

Top 10 Anime Of 2014

What's going on everybody? For the first time (Out of many more to come) I am compiling what I consider to be my personal favorite anime in an attempt to wrap up a relatively exciting year. We've seen...
Grisaia 5

Anime Zone : Grisaia No Kajitsu

Ever since middle school, I've been particularly fond of psychologically damaged girls...Actually, I don't think that's the right way to start this review off. Let's try again. Ever since middle school, I have...

PAX East 2015: Splatoon

Spaltastic. Splatoon is not your average shooter. Splatoon is more like a game of paint the walls and except the game is much more territorial. Spaltoon pits you with a team of other painters and you fight...