What Can We Expect From an Uncharted Movie?

The date is set, but what can we expect? It's pretty well an almost universally-agreed upon fact among gamers (and probably the rest of the populace as well) that film adaptations of video games are terrible....
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Divinity: Original Sin Review

Divinity: Original Sin is a welcome reminder we don't earn our stripes in RPGs. Modern genre titles aid players with faery-dust trails to quest objectives, crafting cookbooks, or off limit areas to contain...

Skylanders: Trap Team Preview: Gotta Trap ‘Em All

Skylands' most notorious villains take center stage Toys for Bob and Activision's Skylanders series has made quite a name for itself over the past couple of years. The series has seen three iterations that...
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Why Battlefield Hardline Will Launch in 2015

 Dragon Age and Hardline Delayed To Allow For More Development Time Over the years Electronic Arts has been criticized for rushing products onto the market, and neglecting player feedback. After the troubled...

Unrest Review: Victims Of Circumstance

Unrest is an indie RPG set in the unconventional locale of ancient India, and lack of convention is the crux of its design. Constructed as a top-down 2D adventure, combat is essentially non-existent and...