Twintails 1

Anime Zone : Gonna Be The Twin-Tail!

Have you ever loved someone or something so much that it literally consumed you? Has that love swallowed you whole, allowing little to no breathing and forcing you into the darkest depths of your heart's...
Trinity Seven 2

Anime Zone : Trinity Seven

A "Harem" is a magical word used to describe every straight male's ideal reality in which every single girl he comes in counter with wants to hop on his yaoi stick. The harem is typically courted by a dense...

Best Films of 2014 – Part Six

Now we finally come to my entry in Pulp's Best Films of 2014 coverage, just in time for Oscar night! It's been a great year for films, one of the best in recent memory. There were so many to choose from with a...

Best Films of 2014 – Part Five

Hey hey! Welcome to the second day of the Pulp Movies Team's coverage of the best films of 2014! Next up we have longtime staff writer Alex Miller with his picks. Let's do this!  - Matt Curione, Movies...

Best Films of 2014 – Part Four

Welcome back, yet again! Time for part four in our Best Films of 2014 coverage brought to you by the Pulp Movies Team. Next up is DJ Horn, resident Anime expert here at Pulp 365. Some really great picks here,...

Best Films of 2014 – Part Three

Another hour another Best Films of 2014 feature! Here we have Eric Fedorczyk with his picks for the best of 2014. A lot of fun pictures made his list, so please enjoy. - Matt Curione, Movies Editor Being...

Best Films of 2014 – Part Two

Hey readers! Here we go with Part Two of Pulp's Best Films of 2014! In this installment I bring you the musings of Jason Jackson. He has some interesting choices to be sure. - Matt Curione, Movies...

Best Films of 2014 – Part One

Hello readers! It's Oscar Weekend, so the Pulp Movie Team and I figured now would be the best time to bring you our picks for the best films of 2014. Of course we couldn't just post a list without putting our...
Amagi 3

Anime Zone : Amagi Brilliant Park

Several times a year, Kyoto Animation shows up and grabs the immediate attention of the entire otaku populous after announcing whatever they've been up to the past few months. Being one of the biggest and most...
Ushinawareta 5

Anime Zone : In Search Of The Lost Future

I honestly have no idea how to start this review, considering that anything I say in this first sentence will not be able to properly convey how let down I am at this moment in my life. In Search Of The...

Philip Seymour Hoffman : One Year Gone

I originally wrote and published this article last February after learning of Philip Seymour Hoffman's passing. It was originally published on my personal blog and was eventually picked up by Flixist. The...