The Payday booth at E3 2014 was a rush as I approached it- there was a line of around a dozen people even though the booth was scheduled to close down in an hour, and every computer within held an eager gamer seeking to complete the game’s new content and win one of the advertised prizes. That content was The Big Bank Heist, and seeing it firsthand was my reason for being there. After being shuttled into the back, I was allowed to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

The Big Bank Heist (scheduled for released next Tuesday) concerns- appropriately enough- a big bank that the Payday crew has been enlisted to rob blind through any means necessary. They have numerous paths of attack that they can take, escape routes that they can attempt, and tools to get the job done. The only truly inflexible thing is that the game remains populated exclusively by men as protagonists, but the developer who helped me get set up assured me that there “may be plans” for this to change. My first attempt to conquer the bank involved a front door assault in medium armor.

big_bank_screenshot5 (Copy)

My team entered, went to find the bank’s server room, tripped an alarm swiftly, and had a police assault on our cases within five minutes. We attempted to drill clean through the server room door, and it quickly proved infeasible to maintain the drill’s systems and fend off the police simultaneously. When I say ‘proved infeasible’, what I mean is that we were shot dead. I was fairly embarrassed- one of the core requirements of my job is supposed to be ‘is decent at these video game whatchamacallits’.

Graciously, as a seven minute demo would’ve proved impossible to write a piece on, the developers allowed me another shot at the content. This time- heavy armor, shotgun, and a side door assault. Our true secret weapon though came in the form of one of our team members, who manned his headset and began expertly co-ordinating our movements. We went up through the side, took out a camera, and decided to try and find a keycard to open the door with instead of a drill. While the police did show up, our new sense of communication aided us greatly in proceeding through the mission.

big_bank_screenshot9 (Copy)

I wouldn’t want to spoil everything The Big Bank Heist has to offer in terms of options, but suffice to say that over the course of the rest of the mission- which involved dropping a giant piggy bank through a roof and trying to hold down a vault from a SWAT team with only two team members- my adrenaline never really fell below a dull roar. One of Payday‘s strengths is keeping the tension ratcheted up high, and The Big Bank Heist is no exception. Our team took the shortest route out of the building per the development team’s instruction, but there were many other options that I remain curious about. It only takes a bit under an hour for a successful heist to be pulled off, but if these other choices prove to be sufficiently unique, the gameplay added by just this one mission should be fairly substantial.

Those looking for more from their Payday 2 experience would do well to keep an eye out for this content once it is released next Tuesday. For more on Payday 2, check out our article on the recently announced next-gen versions, and stay tuned for the rest of our ongoing Payday coverage.

Ready to go all Clyde and Clyde on some bank vaults? Having difficulty getting the similarly named candy bar out of your head? Did you think you were clicking on an article about Mario Maker for some reason, and are you thus extremely confused? Let us know in the comments!

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