PC Gaming’s “Master Race” Dominates Discourse, To Ill Effect

Raw, unbridled, sense shattering power. Gamers want it. Gamers chase it. Genre and franchise preferences may cause arguments, but these are nothing compared to the wars waged over resolutions, frame rates, and sheer visual fidelity. Every generation of gaming, companies and publishers with new products to sell light the flames anew. Sony says it’ll look better on PlayStation, Microsoft says it’ll look better on XBOX. Standing above it all, towering just over the horizon- is the PC.

Yahtzee Croshaw saw a group of elitist PC gamers back in 2008 who he insultingly deemed the “Glorious PC Gaming Master Race”. Since then, the term has taken off without irony, resulting in massive communities dedicated to PC superiority. The bulk of these individuals serve today as the perfect crystallization of the attitudes of gamers across all platforms for whom hardware has become sacrosanct and the pursuit of power has become ideology. They are the vanguards of a toxic way of thinking that drowns out countless opportunities for genuine, positive change in gaming culture.


Countless guides exist for the PC gamer on a budget, but the overarching discourse revolves around driving tech faster and farther. Having a 1080p monitor isn’t considered enough when you can have a game rendered across three screens in 4K with all the settings bumped up to Ultra and every HD texture pack loaded on, all with an ENB shader cherry on top. People literally buy enough RAM to install multiple entire programs to it directly. On some level, I get it—I have a fairly powerful rig, and the appeal of going further is not lost on me.

While the dynamic of superiority vs. inferiority can be more subtle in the console sphere, it is built overtly into the “PC Master Race” scene.

However, the fetishization of higher end PC models causes discussion of moderately powerful machines to be lost in an ocean of posts bragging up specs and trashing others for their platforms of choice. Whether it’s console players or Mac users, these people are deemed inferior. The XBOX 360 and XBOX One are even used as measurements of power specifically to denigrate console users machines of choice. While the dynamic of superiority vs. inferiority can be more subtle in the console sphere, it is built overtly into the “PC Master Race” scene. It’s explicitly stated on some groups, where it is said all one has to do to be a member is to recognize that PCs are “superior” in every way. Even less subtly, the “Master Race” moniker itself is borrowed from terms employed in Nazi ideology- a joke to some, but indicative of the real hegemonic thought under the irony.

The most powerful machines are also the most expensive. These toys are considered aspirational, and by extension they fuel a dialogue based on the superiority brought on by wealth. The “inferior” are inevitably the poor, a population overwhelmingly dominated by marginalized peoples. The “Master Race” becomes privilege writ large, a way to flaunt class and social status. While this may seem overly damning, consider the following image macro. Highly upvoted on Reddit.com’s PC Master Race subreddit, it depicts two black slaves from the movie Django Unchained being forced to fight to the death, labeled PS4 and XBOX One, while the white slaver from the film, labeled PC, looks amused.


It’s not accidental that PC allows toxic ideas to fester so readily in comparison to other platforms. There are two big reasons for it, which are both closely related. The first is that the PC is a tremendously open device—its components can be changed at a whim, allowing for immense personal customization. This allows those with additional income to spend on their machines to buy parts that blow away anything inside of a console, pushing their rigs to the kind of extremes idolized by gamers the world over. You can’t spend extra money to get a better PS4, but you can beef up a PC as much as your budget will allow. There’s nothing wrong with this by itself, and it’s beneficial for consumers to be able to push their wallets if they like. The problem is that these good computers then go on to become the measuring sticks in interpersonal and community conflicts.

Good computers then go on to become the measuring sticks in interpersonal and community conflicts.

Secondly, there’s no real PC equivalent for a console generation because of this modularity. Hardware manufacturers can put out new graphics cards and processors however quickly they can produce new models. This leads to a kind of perpetual hype cycle, wherein companies like AMD and NVIDIA try to one up each other on a yearly basis rather than on a generational basis. Every card is meant to rile up the base and their desire for more. NVIDIA’s GeForce website simultaneously calls the GTX 690 the “fastest graphics card ever built”, the Titan Black the “ultimate gaming GPU”, and the Titan Z the “fastest graphics card we’ve built”. The only reason a company has to market three separate cards as the best at any given time is to play to the irrational side of gaming culture—the kind that chews up that rhetoric and spits it as venom on the internet.


The problematic merger of tech supremacy and an ideology of personal superiority causes many more interesting conversations to be put to the wayside—projects that could lead to real change in gaming culture. Unique inputs to aid disabled gamers in joining their brethren on the internet can be added easily to an open platform like PC, but these projects don’t get half of the attention devoted to the race for fidelity. Charities like AbleGamers are attempting to bring gamers from more walks of life into the gaming community than what has been possible before through innovative inputs. The PC scene touts a wide range of control options as a major boon, but these devices that can expand their ranks to include those with disabilities are not given the same level of attention as hardware gimmicks and GPU driver updates.

Developers provide, touting their own performance and the quality of their water reflections and making excuses for not including diversity.

Demanding graphical fidelity above all else doesn’t just hamper real world gaming diversity, but also the diversity included in games themselves. Companies like Ubisoft receive more backlash from PC gamers over shoddy interfaces in PC ports than they do over their failure to include women in their co-op games. If pressure was put in the direction of inclusion, it would do wonders for the industry—but PC gamers are more interested, generally speaking, in demanding Mantle support and 4K resolution. Developers provide, touting their own performance and the quality of their water reflections and making excuses for not including diversity. Hardware producers then get ready to churn out a new set of high performance graphics cards marketed to push those shiny new games as hard as possible. The conversation is limited to this sphere, and it continues to the detriment of all other forms of progress.


PC gaming is a beautiful thing. There is indie content in spades, there is freedom to pick and choose parts and inputs, there are fantastic sales. Not everyone who sees PC as the ideal platform has a sinister agenda or the desire to spread vitriol. They actively work to make sure that everyone regardless of class or creed who wants to participate, can. That being said, the time has come to acknowledge that a large chunk of the discourse surrounding PC gaming has become obsessed with the idolizing of tech. This is poisoning the larger community with toxic ideologies based around the glorification of wealth and upper class spending habits. This restricts the very openness and diversity that make PC a strong platform in favor of a single minded march to flaunt technical progress.

If gamers can come together to fight for higher frames per second and faster RAM, surely they can spare a moment to advocate for controllers that aid people who cannot play games with traditional inputs. The conspicuous worship of PC specs can be stopped. A problematic system that creates internal classes based on system performance can be dismantled. Publishers, developers and the world at large are more tuned in to the fate of PC than ever. In light of that, it’s important for the PC community to consider what it has been truly pursuing as it chases its empty “master race”— and who it may have left behind in the process.

Do you consider yourself a PC gamer primarily? What do you think of the community’s relationship with power? Let us know in the comments!

About The Author


Lilith Cathcart is a card carrying member of the Feminist Illuminati. She is passionate about gender theory and the power of play to convey emotion and ideas. In the frigid wasteland of her childhood home, her options for having fun were media consumption and freezing to death. She secretly suspects that gaming peaked as a form of artistic expression with Chocobo's Dungeon 2, but is excited to be here cataloging the downward spiral.

  • http://www.pulp365.com Mikey Krieger

    **WHOM he insultingly deemed

    Worst feature ever. 2/10
    (not really though. this was a good read.)

  • Jeffbearpig

    Wasn’t PC gaming supposed to be dead………back in 1998?

  • Mauricio Rodriguez

    I hadn’t actually taken the time to read this and now I have… Genius.

    I’m not primarily a PC Gamer. Ever since I started out in Steam, I’ve been prioritising PC because of how easy Steam makes it, but I still love my consoles and the games I have for them. I also want more consoles, I want a Wii U and a PS4 and yes, eventually maybe even an Xbox One.
    PC gaming, as you said, is beautiful. Gimmicky marketing ploys like Next-Gen mean nothing in PC, which is sort of liberating, if you ask me. The ability to add mods to your games is just another bit of icing in the cake, but all of it does create a stigma that separates us from one another, when in the end, it’s all about the game.

    Anyway. It was a very interesting piece to read, very down-to-earth perspective. I appreciate that, considering I’m sort of new in this PC Gaming business.

  • Oranji Juusu

    PCMR serves to hype the PC gaming platform. This is arguably the most exposure it’s ever had. It’s unfortunate that the community is forced to act as assholes in order to pique curiosity, but without such discourse there’s really no way to do so because the average console customer hasn’t had the personal experience with the PC platform to understand its merits well enough to know the truth that it has the potential to be an affordable, viable alternative with games that don’t get locked into the higher price-ranges that console copies do.

    PC hardware manufacturers can’t advertise through multimedia like the console companies do. Apple is the only prebuilt to do so, but Macs are well overpriced for what you get inside that expensive, stylish case, they can’t be upgraded, and their support for gaming is not ideal. There’s no way for the consumer to go to a store and play a PC gaming demo and compare it side-by-side like is possible with consoles.

    If more people understood/accepted/admitted that PCs can provide the same exact experience at the console price range and that the more expensive the hardware from that base price-point meant adding or increasing additional graphical options like effects, resolutions, and frame rates we’d all be better off.

    Instead the console companies and game developers are lying about things like texture qualities, resolutions, and frame rates to make their products seem to justify the $60 price tag. Somehow console developers have managed to convince a huge group of people that low frame rate is okay. The reality is that it’s not fluid enough to be considered lifelike and they’re just making excuses for their platform so they can continue to make big profits. That’s what irks a lot of PCMR types that aren’t just circle jerking. These people are saying things that go against the very nature of the evolution of video gaming just to turn a buck. Then those people who bought into those lies turn around and perpetuate it by making outlandish claims in defense of those companies.

    • TallestGargoyle

      This so much.

      Games have been 60 FPS for god knows how long. Even Nintendo, the company that put graphics mostly on the back burner, while doing vaious business practices that some on PCMR find detrimental, can at least design their games around their relatively poor hardware to run at 1080p 60FPS. It’s an important milestone to hit for any game today, considering games nearer the end of the 360/PS3 generation were hitting this, only for their modern equivalents to drop it in favour of 720p/900p 30 fps, because they try to fill the game with as many particle effects and procedurally generated trees as possible and run it on what is basically repurposed laptop hardware, without regard to how that effects the smoothness and quality of the gameplay.

      But then these same companies who are happy to poor in as many graphics and effects as possible into their games, then turn around to PC gamers who are, for the most part, able to render all this and then some, and tell us that the best graphics of the game we can expect will match what’s on the console. I understand not developing to the highest end of the very small enthusiast market, but this just isn’t an excuse when games like Crysis can show off incredibly scalable graphics, that run on fairly modeate hardware back in its day, all the way to the glorious 8800 GTX/9800 GX2 graphics cards that could vaguely cope with its insane requirements. Games like Metro 2033, that despite having a relatively low end console release, pushed for some incredible graphics on the PC that brought those cold, lonely environments to life.

      When the likes of Watch_Dogs is being pushed as the face of ‘next gen’ gaming, you can understand why we’re upset. Hijacked under the uPlay system, plagued by performance issues and bugs, being relatively easy for a game about hacking when the hacking is just a button press in most situations…

  • Sean Evans

    “While the dynamic of superiority vs. inferiority can be more subtle in the console sphere, it is built overtly into the “PC Master Race” scene. It’s explicitly stated on some groups, where it is said all one has to do to be a member is to recognize that PCs are “superior” in every way.”

    I see you have read the sidebar on the PCMasterRace subreddit, however, I also note that you purposefully left out the guide that is linked IN THE SAME SENTENCE about PCs being superior. This guide explains in great detail why PC is better than consoles in a fact driven way. The point, which you’ve either misinterpreted or misrepresented on purpose, is to point out the facts of why PC gaming is better than console gaming (stuff like better hardware even for the same or similar price, cheaper games, etc). The whole “recognizing that PC is superior in every way” as a requirement for membership is about looking at these facts and being able to say that yes, objectively PCs are better. And yet you represent it as a derogatory thing.

    “Demanding graphical fidelity above all else doesn’t just hamper real world gaming diversity, but also the diversity included in games themselves. Companies like Ubisoft receive more backlash from PC gamers over shoddy interfaces in PC ports than they do over their failure to include women in their co-op games.”

    This point doesn’t make any sense to me. The “Shoddy interfaces” link is to an image that’s not ACTUALLY about interfaces. You linked to a picture of comments from the Watch_Dogs steam page, where people were complaining that they couldn’t even run their game because UPlay (the software that Ubisoft forces you to download and run your games through, even though you bought and run it through steam) sucks. This smacks of intellectual dishonesty to me. You take a picture, and claim they’re complaining about a bad interface, when they’re actually complaining about the fact that they couldn’t even PLAY the game that they spent $60USD on because UPlay barely even works on PC.

  • mambome

    I think that the technical functionality of the game trumps the “social relevance” that the game may have any day. In my opinion it is good that PC Gamers complain more about shoddy PC ports than they do lack of playable female characters in the game. The game should be fully functional in whatever form it takes, then we can comment on social issues.

    • http://www.pulp365.com Zoë DiGiorgio

      The article wasn’t complaining about functionality, but the mechanical arms race of PC gamers that has resulted in developers putting graphics before meaningful content. This is the gaming equivalent of the Transformers franchise: You get cool special effects, but boring plot and two-dimensional characters.
      I agree that all games should be functional upon release; it is shameful to release anything other than playable content. But what happens when we’ve got a bunch of good-looking, generic games?

      • Stavros Alithinos Dimou

        We stick into playing older,better games. :)
        Btw,I don’t really think devs are putting graphics before everything else. If anything,the only notable incident of the last 10 years where this happened was with Crysis 1. Most of the games that come out actually have ‘bad’ graphics,but keep in mind that ‘bad’ is something relative and abstract,and in no way degrading to the consoles. I mean ‘bad’ as in the sense that its been 7 years since Crysis came out on PC (2007) and most AAA games that come out still have worse graphics than it (including their PC versions),because devs are making games for the consoles first,and then just port whatever they have on PC.
        If in 2014 games are beaten graphically from a 2007 game,then we can surely say that the industry isn’t focused on graphics. I don’t know what it is that they are focused on,but its not graphics.

  • Luieburger

    I think this article misses the point of the PCMR. Hardware only becomes the topic dejour when smug console gamers buy their new fancy gadgets and ignorantly bicker over which console is better. The PC Gaming platform is about, and has always been about, one thing. Freedom. Great hardware and graphics are just the most visual and obvious byproduct of that freedom.

    If you want to make advancements in “controllers that aid people who cannot play games with traditional inputs” then the PC is where you will do it. Good luck getting Sony, MS, or Nintendo to give a damn about those people. Their platform can’t accept those kinds of inputs because they want to control the gaming experience. There is no money in supporting input methods for unique individuals. Only on the PC, where you have the freedom to design and use any input method you want, will you be able to achieve that goal.

    If you want to make games that do a good job of including women in different roles, then the PC is also where you will do it. Only on PC, where development costs are low, where any developer can make and release a game, and where the community will gladly support you on kickstarter, can you achieve that goal. On consoles, development costs are high, they must meet some standard set by the console designer, and the price of the game will include a prohibitive licensing cost. If your game won’t sell to the mainstream, then the console company will reject it. They are in the business to make money, not to support social causes. With the PC platform being controlled by no single entity, you are free to conquer these problems.

    So it’s not the PCMR or PC Gamers that are holding back progress here. It’s ignorant console gamers and their support of trashy closed-platform companies that hold back the progress of gaming. And that’s what the PCMR is all about. Advocating for freedom. Advocating for open platforms where equality can be achieved for gamers. Advocating for the future of gaming.

  • Whette Fahrtz

    The pc master race shit is the reason why I will never have a gaming pc. Having slightly worse graphics is a small price to pay to avoid a toxic community filled with 12 year old and man children.

    • Giblet Head

      Good to know you let personal gripes impair your gaming experience. Be careful, someone may make fun of you on consoles and you’ll have to give that up too.

      • Whette Fahrtz

        Its not like pc has any games worth playing so its not like I am missing out on much.

        • Giblet Head

          Spoken like a person no stranger to ignorance.

          • Whette Fahrtz

            You call me ignorant but you say something as stupid as that. Oh well enjoy your hallway simulators you pc gamers love those.

          • Giblet Head

            Hardly ignorant, the truth. Go watch the latest trailer for that game, it’s literately cutscene, cutscene, point and shoot, press triangle to win, fin. Like so many before it If you can delude yourself into thinking rehashed garbage like that is worthwhile and can’t be missed then by all means keep denying yourself over petty online quarrels and miss out on the only platform pumping out innovation and the latest tech.

          • Whette Fahrtz

            There you go again. Making up lies about a game because you know pc doesn’t have any.

          • Giblet Head

            Prove me wrong.

        • http://www.pulp365.com Mauricio Rodriguez

          Yeah… Only like… every single Multi-Plat, a plethora of Indie games that dwarf the ones on all consoles combined, and every single exclusive pc game ever released that can still be played in modern PCs… and emulators… And Solitaire Spider… But besides that, nothing worth playing at all.

          • Whette Fahrtz

            I love how emulators is something to brag about. You talk about how great pc games are but you end up playing consoles games on it instead. You even admitted all pc has now are multiplats, which 99% are console ports, indie, and the very rare pc the exclusive. Pc gamers are truly the worst fanbase.

          • http://www.pulp365.com Mauricio Rodriguez

            It’s not bragging about emulators, it’s realizing the potential of PC gaming. That allows you to play console games, even exclusive games that never got released on a PC.
            Also, I admitted nothing of the sorts. The problem here is that you seem to be thinking of PC as another console, when it’s not. PC doesn’t need “Exclusive Titles” because there is not a single company marketing PCs as gaming devices, It’s just not how the industry works anymore. On a side note, No, 99% are not console ports. The majority of the multiplats released on PC comes out right along with their console counterparts.

            To end this little madness. You’re denying yourself of an experience, because of the people who take part in that experience. Let me tell you, you’re doing it wrong. Because even if you’re not playing on PC, you’re still interacting and arguing with the ‘awful fanbase’ you seem to hate so much. And worse, you’re the one bringing it up! You’re as much part of the problem as everyone you complain about. You might as well go to Steam right now.
            Little piece of information. Playing PC games doesn’t make you like the PC gamers you don’t like. The way you interact with people because of their prefference does. You’re not better than me because you play console. Neither am I better than you.

          • Whette Fahrtz

            The fact is the potential of pc is wasted when the majority of games coming out for it can be played on a toaster. At least with consoles we have the superior exclusives and games that take full advantage of consoles power.

          • http://www.pulp365.com Mauricio Rodriguez

            We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. The main reason that’s even a fact (though still a misleading one) is because the majority of the games that come out for it are Indies, and the only way Console Exclusives are “superior” than indies is in budget. But the potential of PC gaming is anything but wasted, with the amount of games out there for it, and I haven’t even started talking about Mods.
            The only reason you don’t realize it’s potential, is because you haven’t given it a try, and I recommend it. I am a console player too bro. I play on PC because Steam makes it cheap and easy, but I love my consoles and I still play. There is no battle between PC and Consoles. It’s all about the game.

    • Broodix

      I prefer PC’s “toxic community” over screeching 12-year old discussing my sexuality during a cowadooty match. See? I can make hasty generalizations as well!

      Your fallacy aside, I’ve dealt with my share of both PC and Console communities. And while both of them have their share of toxicity, I can safely say that overall the PC community is the most mature, and helpful of the two.

      • Whette Fahrtz

        Pc gamers literally think they are genetically superior because they have better hardware. Pc gamers are worse than 12 year olds.

        • Broodix

          Ah more generalizations. Not that I expected anything more from a console fanboy.

          Are we genetically superior? Heck no. Are we on average, smarter, more educated, more mature, well traveled, employed? Definitely.

          BTW, you realize that the whole “Master Race” thing is a joke, right?…Right? And that anyone with half a brain would know that their gaming platform of choice isn’t in any way indicative of genetic superiority? Right? Of course not. Only a half-wit like yourself can possibly come up with such a ridiculous statement.

          • Whette Fahrtz

            Its a joke that’s been going on for six years. Day in and day out that “joke” was told until people started to believe it. It may have started off as a joke but now it’s the furthest thing from it and you’re a full-wit if you can’t see people take it seriously now.

        • Luieburger

          No… we know we’re genetically superior because the only explanation for the constant ignorance and stupidity of console fanbois is inbreeding. GabeN once said, “It’s not about the hardware in your hands, but the software in your heart.” I tend to agree with him.

          Get educated, or get left behind for another gen.

          • Whette Fahrtz

            There you go again with the typical pc snobbish attitude. Thanks for reinforcing my decision to never buy a pc. Best one I ever made.

      • Stavros Alithinos Dimou

        It’s because this ‘toxic’ community is the one who have fixed our games with community patches,made our broken products to work as they should in first place,supplies as with tons of high quality DLC-like content for free (mods), constantly updates the graphics of old games like 1996’s Duke Nukem 3D to keep them enjoyable and relevant to this day,is giving away gift codes for Steam to complete strangers for free to the point where in reddit/pcmasterrace there is an average of 2 giveaways a day instead of reselling the games they got to get more money ,and is out there in the forums to help us with any hardware or software problem we might encounter with our machines,so we can fix our problems ourselves or know any other way that there is to solve it.

        Don’t you see all the toxicity ?

        On the other side,the ‘healing’ Console community is the one where you will go on forums to ask how to fix your console’s problems and after all the hate comments from the fanboys of the other console name-call you,you will find 1 person who will say the most helpful thing,which would be something along the lines of “send it to the corporation’s service department,they will replace it for you but it takes a month to do it and you won’t be playing for a month,so good luck with that”. It’s healing because instead of having people giving away games they have and don’t want for free they sell them to make money,and sell the older games for an even higher price instead of lower with the excuse that “its price goes up because availability is down”,and its the healthy community that will send you death threats because you said that you prefer console X instead of console Y.

        Clearly,the console community so more healing and healthier than the toxic PC community.

    • Luieburger

      Yes… confine yourself to a platform where you have no freedom, and hardly any choice. Practically shackle yourself to a company that doesn’t give a damn about you. Make damn sure you pay way too much for your games and services on a platform where developers get a fraction of the profit that they would on PC.

      Yes… you’re doing so much to help progress gaming… so much…

      • http://www.doblu.com/ Matt Paprocki

        I pay far less for my console games than you do for their PC equivalent. The ability to resell and used markets ensures I have more choice in how to spend my money.

        • Whette Fahrtz

          Not only that but console exclusives are far superior to pc exclusives.

      • Whette Fahrtz

        I only care about being able to play a game, that’s it. I am not like pc gamers with ocd who has to fix everything to make of just right.

    • Stavros Alithinos Dimou

      Guess who is the only here in the comments who is immature and calling names. Well,he is not a PC gamer.

      • Whette Fahrtz

        Its the pc gamers it always the pc gamers.

  • asdasd

    Sure, the auto industry could advocate for cleaner, safer, and more efficient cars. But why would they do that when they could advocate for social progress? Could it be because they’re the fucking auto industry? – http://www.reddit.com/r/TumblrInAction/comments/2ad0lx/pc_gamers_should_be_talking_about_gender_equality/cittfho

    How many projects have you started/contributed to Lilith?

    ‘A problematic system that creates internal classes based on system performance can be dismantled.’
    Also that is a joke right?

    ‘The only reason a company has to market three separate cards as the best at any given time is to play to the irrational side of gaming culture’
    Or… They’re a company? Trying to sell as many units as possible to make money for their share holders? They aren’t going to tell customers their products are shitter than the ones they already own.

  • David Wong

    This article is satire, right?

  • Bob

    I just bought an X52 Pro and a Logitech G27, awaiting the arrival of my Oculus Rift DK2 VR package.

    I also know that within the next year and at the latest when the consumer version gets out I will be getting a Octacore Broadwell (or yet better Skylake) with 32GB of DDR4 RAM, as well as a Top End 8xx or 9xx Nvidia series graphics card to replace my 770 GTX.

    It feels good, my money to spend and do with what I like and one of the things I enjoy is having fun playing PC games.

    You know why I don’t want to talk about “diversity”? Because I don’t give a shit about it. I’ve always cared solely if a game was competently made and if it’s fun since I started gaming on a ZX Spectrum and played as all sorts of creatures, races and genders, not giving it much of a mind till you people made it a “big deal”, nowadays I even go out of my way to not buy games laden with your toxic “political ideology”.

    And I’ll happily unapologetically spend my money on what I think will enable me to have more fun in the future too, if furthering that technology (because let’s be honest, gaming is one of the biggest drivers of general technology, but especially rendering and many other industries like medical imaging, architecture, the movie industry etc. have profitted off of it) will also help handicapped people lead a more normal life and save some lives in the process, then so be it: https://www.ted.com/talks/henry_evans_and_chad_jenkins_meet_the_robots_for_humanity

    It’ll certainly do a lot more than whining in a Blog about “diversity” in regards to an entertainment product that people want to play in their time off to get away from all this shit.

  • Sasha

    Thanks for letting me know ‘Pulp365′ is a shit website I’ll never visit again.

  • Stavros Alithinos Dimou

    Allow me to disagree regarding the economic class status stuff.
    It’s because while hardware for a powerful PC may be more expensive than a console,each game bought on PC is cheaper. 10$ to 20$ cheaper in day 1 of its release,and the difference is bigger after a short time. In the end,during a 5 year old cycle which is about the average a console generation lasts,the average PC gamer is spending less money for gaming than a console gamer,because the total sum of money saved from the games not only reaches but often surpasses the extra sum that is spent for the more powerful hardware.

    Truth is that ‘we’ like PC gaming not only for 1 thing (like graphics), but for a multitude of reasons and factors.
    One of them is indeed graphics,but another one is cheaper games. Another one is free online. Another one is for the feeling that you are ‘free’ to do with the machine you bought whatever you please,without being in fear that a Corporation will brick your system through an online switch or will sue you for just using the machine you bought with your own money the way you want to. Another thing is practicality,its just more convenient to have all your games,no matter of their release date (even 1990 games) in a hard drive on only one machine and the only thing to have to do to play any of them you like to be to double click on its icon on the screen. I used to be a console gamer in the past,and in a display furniture I have 6 consoles sitting,with the oldest one being a SNES. If I had no PC,I’d have to bring out a different console and do all the plugging – unplagging of wires for playing games from different years,and search for the game’s boxes,to be inserting discs in and out of the system again and again,and boy,it gets tedious and boring,and having all the games ready to play with just 2 clicks is just faster and more comfortable.

    As for the tech race,its a hobby on its own. It might be beneficial to gaming,but its not a part of gaming itself,doing your research and combining the parts you want,and building your own rig yourself,is a hobby,pretty much how customizing your car is. Have you watched the movie Fast and Furious ? Some PC gamers just want to squeeze every possible bit of performance they can,because they love performance,the same way some people do the same thing for their cars.

    • http://www.doblu.com/ Matt Paprocki

      Console games are infinitely cheaper because they have a consistent used market. You can cite the new price, but console gaming has a used market which forces publishers to compete. Prices fall faster and stay there, as opposed to say, Steam. I can purchase South Park Stick of Truth for 360 for $41 on Amazon new right now, or $28 used. Steam still wants $60 for the PC version.

      Yes, Steam (or other PC digital retailers) may have had some sales which dropped SoT lower, but those are temporary. Control over the digital market means the service can fluctuate price without consistency. The 360 version of SoT will never rise over $40-ish again. Combine that with a B2G1 sale and the ability to resell, and your cost can be next to nothing.

      Fears over bricking a console remotely only happen because of the digital market, which I may say has rendered some PC games unplayable legitimately. I have no fears over my physical media being ruled obsolete.

      • http://www.pulp365.com Mauricio Rodriguez

        I think what you actually mean is Digital Copies. That doesn’t have anything to do with PC games.
        Stick of Truth is still $60 in the Xbox Market Place. You can find it for lower because Physical copies are devalued faster than Digital Copies. But many games start on PC 10 dollars cheaper than on console. Many more than the ones on consoles. It is only recently that the price of PC games has rised, and still a fair percentage of the games released for PC even as Digital Copies are not as expensive as newly released titles on console.

        EDIT: And I’m not even gonna talk about Sales, because in the Sales department, Digital Services on PC, like Steam, obliterate any console or retailer in price.

        • http://www.doblu.com/ Matt Paprocki

          What other choice do I have in the PC market other than digital? What fraction of PC titles are released on physical media anymore (and I’m fairly certain most still need CD keys and such rendering resale lost)? I wholly agree that many games begin at a lower price, but they also stay there longer. I’m not paying full price anyway.

          I’ll discuss Steam sales. I receive “free” (I admittedly use that term loosely) games with PSN/Xbox Live subscriptions now. With physical media, I’ve walked out of GameStop with stacks of 10-15 games for under $20 when utilizing a B2G1 sale or something similar, better than anything on PC. What people don’t realize is GameStop has more sub-$20 software available any time than just about anyone else. They simply don’t blast advertising for it. Games can be had for a buck or two if you look, and again with sales, you’re paying next to nothing. Add in the ability to rent via GameFly or potentially local video stores ($5 for a new release? Sure!) and Steam sales are rendered irrelevant.

          • http://www.pulp365.com Mauricio Rodriguez

            You’re right :) It’s a different type of market, that’s why it’s so hard to compare. But PC Gaming has that sort of thing too, In Humble Bundle you can get 10 games for 20 dollars as well. And admittedly, they’re not always your typical ‘Full Retail Price, TrippleA’ Game, but hey, right now you can get all 3 Bioshocks, plus The Darkness 2, Mafia 2 and Xcom for that amount (plus the extra game they’ll reveal later on). And that’s only one Bundle website. You have FreeBundle too, which doesn’t have any TrippleA Titles by any means, but most of the games there are awesome, and they’re all free.

            I’m a Retro and Indie lover, so that’s why I tend to take those more into consideration, than TrippleA titles, because that is what I use the most as a consumer. But in the end it all depends on what it is you want to play.

      • Luieburger

        “Console games are infinitely cheaper because they have a consistent used market.”

        Ignorant comments like this are why we call you, “peasants.”


        • http://www.doblu.com/ Matt Paprocki

          Completely ignoring the reality of resale to the overall price and forced market competition because of the used market is naive at best. Prices drop faster and stay down permanently on consoles in comparison to the digital PC market which suffers from constant fluctuations and peak pricing months after release. I cited South Park above ($60 PC, $40 console), but can continue to find more (Saints Row IV? $40 on PC, $20 or less on consoles). How about Dishonored? $20 on PC, $12 new, a mere $7 used on consoles. Again, factor in the ability to resell (and rentals? Forget it, it’s not even fair), and no matter what sales Steam or other digital e-tailers are having, I’m still paying a tenth of what the PC crowd is.

          The PC market, due to its over reliance on CD keys and Steam’s overreach, has long since removed any consumer choice or natural price progression from the market.

  • CB

    I wish somebody had written an article like this all the years I was getting crap from console players for gaming on a PC.

  • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

    Master race has been master of none lately.

    1. Crytek one of the flagship developers for PC is reportedly going out of business
    2. Destiny is console exclusive
    3. The Order and Uncharted 4 are the best looking games coming down the pipeline.
    4. New generation of sports games and sports are primarily best played on consoles
    5. Games like watchdogs are reportedly not running well on PC.

    • asdasd

      1. Meh, while sad for the devs at crytek it isn’t a huge surprise, no games recently that are worth talking about and an engine that failed to launch into the mainstream market.
      2. And the forest, for instance, is pc exclusive.
      3. Ahahaha, that is funnier than the author not understanding satire.
      4. Again, more games on the PC platform is always good, but there are more serious games still coming out on pc.
      5. Watchdogs not looking great on PC was due to Ubisoft lowering the graphical fidelity, which needed to be re-enabled. The game ran easily at ‘console settings’, but the effects shown at e3 were disabled. Seeing as PC gamers are used to good graphics, this wasn’t well received.

      • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

        I didn’t read the article. I usually don’t read opionative articles because I already have my own theories. The Forest isn’t some technical achievement. I’m trying to say PC gamers spend more for less technically impressive games lately.

        While PC will catch up in 2 or 3 years the PS4 is clearly the best place to play games right now. Starting with UFC console exclusive, then the Destiny Beta, then NCAA football, then Madden, then NBA 2k, then Destiny. Then you got all those Multiplatform games coming out in October and November.

  • http://www.pulp365.com Mauricio Rodriguez

    Well Lilith, you’ve gathered a proper Mob :3 must have done something right lol

  • Escopablobar

    Very well said. I agree 100%. PC as a platform for playing games is no better than consoles. It is simply different. Ultimately, we all play most of the same games and have the exact same experiences. We should never deride those who cannot or choose not to pursue the most graphically superior option. Different neither equals superior nor inferior… just different.

  • http://www.pulp365.com Veronica Mathy

    For a *long* time, I was a console-only gamer; I only got a desktop computer a little over two years ago, and had been using laptops only for World of Warcraft and schoolwork before then. I like the accessibility of PC gaming in that I can justify the expense as also being for work or classes, and while I don’t have the comfort consoles give of knowing for certain I’ll have the hardware a given game needs to run on, I trade it for knowing I can upgrade (less expensive) pieces of my rig over time. I also have an appreciation for the accessibility from the developer end for indie games, and that encourages me to play titles I’d likely have never even heard of if I were still tethered to exclusively consoles. I recognize, however, that the ability to drop $600+ on a computer and having fast enough internet to download games – or consistent enough to stay online for games that require a constant connection – is a sign of privilege. It’s a privilege I have not always had, so I try to remain conscious of it when talking about the way I play games with others.

    Bearing in mind my background, I was never comfortable with the “console wars” elitism; I’d just like everyone to get along knowing we all enjoy the same thing – playing games! – and whatever way people do that is none of my business. You love your PS4? That’s wonderful – I happen to still use my Xbox 360 and get excited for Steam sales. I can’t get on board with the mentality of, “The way you enjoy this hobby we both share is WRONG! You are enjoying this thing in an inferior way!” It hits too close to the (also exclusionary), “mobile/casual gamers aren’t ‘real’ gamers” ideology for my comfort.