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Assault Amphibious Vehicle 

tracked amphibious landing vehicle

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Subclass of infantry fighting vehicle,
amphibious vehicle
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AAV7 (it); AAV-7A1 (fr); Kenderaan Serang Amfibia (ms); Assault Amphibious Vehicle (de); Carro sobre Lagarta Anfíbio (pt); AAV7 (ru); ยานรบสะเทินน้ำสะเทินบก (th); 兩棲突擊載具 (zh); AAV-7A1 (sv); AAV7 (sl); 兩棲突擊載具 (zh-hk); AAV7 (ja); Amfibiovaunu (fi); Assault Amphibious Vehicle (id); AAV7 (pl); Assault Amphibious Vehicle (nb); Assault Amphibious Vehicle (nl); 兩棲突擊載具 (zh-hant); AAV-7A1 (es); AAV-P7 (uk); 상륙돌격장갑차 (ko); Assault Amphibious Vehicle (en); مركبة برمائية AA (ar); 两栖突击载具 (zh-hans); Vehicle d’assalt amfibi (ca) veicolo anfibio d’assalto (it); 軍用車両 (ja); vehículo de desembarco anfibio de tracción por orugas (es); tracked amphibious landing vehicle (en) LVT-7, LVT 7, LVTP 7, AAV 7A1, AAV-7, LVTP-7 (es); LVTP7, AAV-7水陸両用車, AAV7A1, 7A1, LVTP-7 (ja); Amphibious Assault Vehicle, AAV-7 (fr); LVT-7, AAV-7 (pl); AAV7, Amphibious Assault Vehicle, AAVP7, AAV, LVT-7, AAV-7A1 (nb); AAVP7, AAVP7-A1 (ca); AAVP7A1, LVT7,

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CANbus Displays, Joysticks, and Keypads



Grayhill’s Generation 2 MMI Controllers and CANbus keypads inherited highlights of the legacy products while featuring new benefits in meeting ever-changing market demands. These devices are well suited for ISO 13849 Safety Rated Vehicles. Both the new 3J and 3K can perform self-diagnostics include supply voltage monitoring, indicator “LED On” verification, and button malfunction detection. In our design, we have lowered the above-panel thickness to about half of the original, while changing the installation requirement to a simple snap-in from the front. This is particularly advantageous as it no longer calls out for hand tools and the need to get behind the panel for installation and troubleshooting. When the system is inactive, the device would go into a low power mode that draws less than 1mA of current; it can be reactivated via any key press or CAN message.

Similar to the first generation, the new 3J and 3K are

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[Java] Bicycle –

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  1. // Java program to illustrate the

  2. // concept of inheritance

  3. // from G4G


  5. // base class

  6. class Bicycle

  7. {

  8.     // the Bicycle class has two fields

  9.     public int gear;

  10.     public int speed;


  12.     // the Bicycle class has one constructor

  13.     public Bicycle(int gear, int speed)

  14.     {

  15.         this.gear = gear;

  16.         this.speed = speed;

  17.     }


  19.     // the Bicycle class has three methods

  20.     public void applyBrake(int decrement)

  21.     {

  22.         speed -= decrement;

  23.     }


  25.     public void speedUp(int increment)

  26.     {

  27.         speed += increment;

  28.     }


  30.     // toString() method to print info of Bicycle

  31.     public String toString()

  32.     {

  33.         return(“No of gears are “+gear

  34.                 +n

  35.                 + “speed of bicycle is “+speed);

  36.     }

  37. }


  39. //

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Bicycle Heroes | The Franklin Institute

No inventor or country can single-handedly claim to have invented the bicycle; it was invented and reinvented in many places over a period of many years.

In 1817, Germany’s Baron von Drais de Saverbrun invented the Draisienne, (also “draisine” or “hobby horse”) a steerable bicycle. It was almost completely made of wood, and had no pedals. Riders propelled it by pushing their feet against the ground. In 1860, a model called the Michaux Velocipede became the world’s first mass-produced riding machine. Designed by France’s Pierre Michaux, he came up with his design when a customer brought a Draisienne in for repairs. After his son tried riding it and had difficulties with his feet on downhill roads, Michaux came up with the idea of connecting crank arms and pedals directly to the front wheel as a means of propelling the bike. In 1865 in Connecticut, Pierre Lallement rode a distance of

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Electric vehicle networks need to be open, smart, clean and equitable

A group of major automakers, utilities, tech companies, environmental firms and industry groups have come together to outline best practices to help build electric vehicle charging networks that are open, smart, clean and equitable.

The agreement, called the Transportation Electrification Accord, seeks to build on lessons learned from building out power and information network infrastructure — like the importance of open standards — and to use these tenants to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle charging networks. The union is one of the largest of its kind, and gathers a diverse group of stakeholders together, to work on this early stage sector.

“The goal is to show policy makers that there is consensus in the industry around how to do some of this stuff,” Chris King, chief policy officer for Siemens Digital Grid, said. King noted that the group is looking to inform both future legislation as well as regulation

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Byron man injured in crash, Rochester man arrested in stolen vehicle

A 37-year-old Byron man was hospitalized Wednesday morning after his vehicle went airborne during a single vehicle crash on Olmsted County Road 3 Northwest in Kalmar Township. The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office responded to the crash just before 8 a.m. Wednesday in the 5500 block of County Road 3 Northwest. Capt. Scott Behrns said the pickup was northbound when it drifted into the southbound lanes, went into the west ditch, struck a field drive and went airborne before coming to a rest on its wheels. The driver, Samuel Carlson, was the only person in the vehicle. Deputies noticed signs of impairment when he was taken out of the truck. Carlson was taken to Mayo Clinic Hospital-Saint Marys for suspected minor injuries. Deputies reportedly found 4.28 grams of suspected methamphetamine in the vehicle. The incident is still under investigation.

A 24-year-old Rochester man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing a Jeep

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Police have responded to several vehicle burglaries in Sanford/Springvale over past 2 weeks

SANFORD, Maine — Over the past 2 weeks, officers from the Sanford Police Department have responded to several motor vehicle burglaries throughout Sanford/Springvale.

In a post on the department’s Facebook page, they said each incident had the same theme: vehicle doors were not locked. 

The department said motor vehicle burglaries are crimes of opportunity. The criminal will go car to car looking for unlocked doors and, when located, will take whatever is of value inside. 

The Sanford Police Department asks that people follow these simple guidelines to deter this crime from happening:

1. Lock your vehicles doors
2. Don’t store valuables in your vehicle
3. Conceal items such as chargers, GPS, electronics
4. Lock your vehicles doors

The Sanford Police Department has increased its patrols during the overnight hours in neighborhoods and side streets. 

Police ask that if you see anyone suspicious, please give them a call. Police

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Are masks becoming political statements?

SALT LAKE CITY — Earlier this week, the bicycle I ride for exercise each day after the daily grind in my basement office needed a minor repair.

A sign on the door of the shop told me to wait outside. Only 10 people were allowed inside at a time. After a while, a young woman opened the door and invited me in.

She was not wearing a mask. Neither was anyone inside. I did, however, sense a conscious effort by myself and others to keep at a distance from each other.

So, are we ready for the next phase in this pandemic — the “stabilization phase” the governor wants to usher in with the month of May? Are we ready, in other words, for restaurants, hair salons and other businesses that naturally result in close personal contact to reopen under strict guidelines?

One rule for this new phase is to

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Department of Transportation | HDOT COVID-19 update: Identification credentials, safety checks, and vehicle registrations

HDOT COVID-19 update: Identification credentials, safety checks, and vehicle registrations

Posted on Apr 30, 2020 in Highways News, Main, News

HONOLULU – In consideration of Governor Ige’s 6th supplementary emergency proclamation through May 31, 2020, the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) provides the following updates on identification credentials, Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspections (PMVI or Safety Checks), and motor vehicle registrations.

Identification Credentials (Driver’s Licenses, State Identification Cards)

  • Driver’s licenses, instruction permits, and State Identification cards that expire between March 15 and May 31, 2020, are granted a 90-day waiver. All State-issued credentials expiring during this date range will be considered valid for an additional 90-days from the end of Governor Ige’s 6th supplementary emergency proclamation on May 31, 2020. This extension is to provide enough time for the public to obtain or renew credentials once face-to-face government services are reopened.
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders with a CDL that expired
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