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Toyota vehicle converted to ambulance with ‘airborne droplet circulation system’

Toyota has been helping out in various ways in the global fight against Covid-19 pandemic – from developing face masks to coming up with restart manuals for the auto industry. Now, the company in Japan has transformed one of its vehicles into an ambulance with modified features to safely transport Covid-19 patients from one location to another.

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The Toyota Hiace-based vehicle features a special system called ‘airborne droplet circulation control’ which helps to expel possibly contaminated air from within the cabin. The cabin itself has been divided into two sections – the interior barrier makes for a front section for the driver and front passenger while the rearward compartment has the rear passenger seat area coupled with an exhaust fan which throws out air from the vehicle. This prevents the possibly contaminated air in the

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Ambulance collides with another vehicle in Brooklyn, overturns

BOROUGH PARK, Brooklyn — An ambulance in New York City as part of a Federal Emergency Management Agency initiative to help agencies slammed by the coronavirus collided with another vehicle and overturned, officials said Sunday.

The vehicles collided near 18th Avenue and 52nd Street, police said. Officers responded just after midnight. The ambulance crew was checked out. They are OK. The driver of the other vehicle was taken to the hospital with injuries that were not considered life threatening.

The ambulance was from American Medical Response, part of a FEMA contract that has brought more than 250 additional ambulances to New York City.

The coronavirus crisis is taxing New York City’s 911 system like never before. Operators pick up a call every 15.5 seconds.

Panicked voices tell of loved ones in declining health. The system is so overwhelmed, the city has started sending text and tweet alerts urging

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