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Burley loads up folding Travoy bicycle cargo trailer, adaptable Dash child seats [Remote Otter]

Burley is ready to help us haul more by bike with both a new folding Travoy cargo trailer and a new lineup of Dash rear child seats. The Travoy is complete overhaul of Burley’s popular urban cargo trailer, with updated features for easy transitions on & off the bike, carrying supplies around town and beyond.

The Dashes are lightweight, secure plastic rear seats to carry young children on many different types of around town and bike path rides, with rack or frame mounted options and fixed or reclining seating for your kids.

Here is Burley’s Remote Otter video submission explaining it all, followed up with photos and their key specs…

Burley Dash rear child bike seats

Burley Dash range of rear Child Bike Seats
c. Burley

The new Dash family of kid seats are meant to give plenty of options for recreational cyclists looking to take their young children along for the ride – whether for weekend bike

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Choose the right child car seat

Using the right child car seat is the best way to prevent serious injury to children in collisions. This information will help you find the right child car seat for your child’s height, weight and development.

Canadian motor vehicle safety standards label

What to look for

When you buy a child car seat for use in Canada, look for the National Safety Mark label attached to the seat. This label indicates that the seat complies with Canadian regulations and standards and is legal for use in Canada.

Every child car seat and booster seat sold in Canada has an expiry or useful life date on it and should not be used past that date.

Child car seats for infants

Newborn babies and infants need special protection while in a vehicle. In a collision, a properly installed rear-facing child car seat can save your baby’s life.

Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act requires children to use a rear-facing car

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Car Seat.Org – Carseat, Automobile & Child Passenger Safety Community Forums

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