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Irish Car Bomb recipe

Irish Car Bomb is one of the most popular drinks worldwide. The ingredients are simple and widely available, and beer lovers will almost certainly enjoy it. If you ask for one of these in an Irish pub you’ll be greeted with either a smile, or a black eye. Enjoy!

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posted by goaliegreg @ 08:12PM, 5/06/06

Fun to do, but if you’re full, i don’t advise this drink, as if you don’t chug fast enough, you will most likely pop.

Ladder 49

posted by firefighter13 @ 02:45AM, 5/25/06

A classic drink of the fire department. My crew’s been doing these on off-duty nights for quite some time now. Featured in the movie Ladder 49!

Tastes like beer at the start, milkshake at the end.

Always a nice drink

posted by J @ 12:16PM, 6/24/06

So I went to an Irish bar/restaurant last night… is it inapropriate to ask

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