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ToCoo! Travel – the lowest rates in Japan


Car Rental

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Hundreds of outlets across Japan

Including Hokkaido, Okinawa and all major airports.

Various car classes

Compact, mid-size, full-size, van, luxury, etc.

Unlimited mileage

No distance limits.

Unbeatable prices

The lowest rates in Japan!

Below prices are approximate and include mandatory insurance, ToCoo! use fee and tax!
Exact rates and availability of car classes depend on the outlet.

Customer Comments:

“We were very happy with our car rental. The car performed well and the
price represented excellent value. I was amazed by how easy it all seemed
to be – the service was friendly and efficient.”

“I found renting a car through your service was great. Had I

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Japanese Nostalgic Car | Dedicated to Old School Japan

On Jay Leno’s Garage, there’s apparently a recurring segment where the prolific car collector puts blindfolds on his fellow showbiz car guy friends and makes them guess what car they’re riding in. In a recent clip Tim Allen, star and creator of the 90s sitcom Home Improvement, is Leno’s latest victim. Continue reading

At the Tokyo Motor Show last year Honda showed a cool little concept bike that looked like a revival of the 1980 CT110. Also known as Trail Cub or Hunter Cub, the original was a more rugged version of the venerable Super Cub for light off-road duty. Honda said the concept was merely there to gauge customer reaction. Customer reaction must have been quite good, because Honda has just announced it’s going into production. Continue reading

We’ve given Toyota a lot of shit recently, but maybe there’s a method to their madness after

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