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US Transportation Dept. Says Blockchain Could Bring More Trust to Commercial Drones

Safety and data protection are major concerns when it comes to the growing use of commercial drones, but blockchain could provide a working solution, according to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT).

The tech report says commercial usage of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s society in applications ranging from consumer deliveries to emergency response to transporting medicines and organs for transplant.

However, logistics relating to the safe management of swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) as well as air traffic management and reliable operations near “high-risk” areas such as crowded areas or airports are proving problematic. That’s where the tracing and tracking of individual drones via the blockchain can make a difference, the DoT says.

“Blockchain technology is being looked on to deliver a framework that can be used by stakeholders in the commercial drone industry, as it can ensure security

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