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Virus threatens future of already-struggling transportation systems

BOSTON — Before the pandemic, public transit users in cities around the country bonded over a slew of ills that plagued aging subway systems, from delays and breakdowns to the occasional derailment.

Now those systems are grappling with a new reality — drastically plummeting ridership and revenue caused by a stealthy virus that’s also sickening and killing transit workers.

With no clear predictions about when most riders will feel safe enough to return, public transportation networks from Boston to Washington to New York to Chicago are doing their best to hold on.

New York’s subway will halt its storied overnight service starting at 1 a.m. Wednesday to allow for additional cleaning and disinfecting of cars and stations. The stoppage has some people wondering if all-night service will ever resume in the cash-strapped system.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo pledged Tuesday that it will be back when the pandemic is over.

The future

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