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986 5101 E Willow StLong Beach, CA 90815 (562) 421-1905 Brought my car here twice, both for a smog check. My second time around was during Covid19 and I appreciated the fact that they had a section for clean pens, and pens that needed cleaning. Everyone was friendly and my […]


5101 E Willow St
Long Beach, CA 90815

(562) 421-1905

Brought my car here twice, both for a smog check. My second time around was during Covid19 and I appreciated the fact that they had a section for clean pens, and pens that needed cleaning. Everyone was friendly and my car was done in the time they said it would be. Do yourself a favor and go on their website and print out their smog check coupon. You’ll save money! They’re also next to a cute little neighborhood so you can go for a walk or a jog during your waiting time and not have to worry about social distancing from the other guests.

Amazing service! Staff was super nice and followed safety precautions. Walked in for a smog check. I thought it’d take longer, esp with Covid. Took about 45 minutes total. Then I got to enjoy the rest of my Friday afternoon! Definitely coming back!

I took my car in for a routine smog check and called ahead of time to make sure operating hours were normal during the covid-19 quarantine. The 2 people I spoke with were extremely professional. When I brought my car in, service was quick and the customer service was great! Will definitely be back.

Amazing, friendly service! I workout right down the street so the location is very convenient for me to drop my car off, hit a workout and come back to it ready. The staff here are extremely friendly and efficient. Great price and great service.

Update 9/25/19: I went in last week again and they continue to have the best service around. I will always go here and keep you yelp folks about how grand their service is. They have waters for you if you decide to wait like I did this time, I ended up deciding to leave my car overnight and they even had a suite for my car. Best car service

Update 6/15/20: Showed up today to get my smog check done. Initially I wasn’t aware that they did smog checks so when looking for best places to get them done in the LB area, of course my top spot showed up first in my search results with a coupon to get me in the door. I also went for the $50 voucher for $25. I will use that one next time I’m in for my oil change. Love this place!

I brought in a suv for a smog check. Ari got me in and out in about 30 minutes. He beat his estimated time by 15 minutes! The price I paid was fair and reasonable, about $40 with a certificate.

Aside from smog checks, I’ve trusted them to do major work on my truck (knock sensor, valve cover gasket, catalytic converters, manifold gasket, AC return line) and their work has been top notch . Their work comes with a 2 year warranty or 24,000 miles. And, if you’re a AAA member, you receive a 10% discount. For their timely quality work, fair pricing and repair warranty, I RECOMMEND ACA for any of your auto repair and smog needs.

Spent a cumulative 5000 on my car here a couple years ago. One diagnosis after another, this wrong that wrong. Every time i picked it up it seemed to get worse. Like an idiot i took my car here 3 times to get fixed, i honestly could believe someone at a “legitimate” business could be this terrible and shady. After the 3rd time and the car still not working, i took it in again and they diagnosed it as the same thing they fixed the second time, a broken hose. I told them they already fixed it and the guy gave me attirude and said “sometimes things just don’t work”. Yeah, its your job to fix things that don’t work jackass. Ended up taking it to the dealership and they diagnosed it as an engine issue, something completely different from the three times i took it to ACA. Dropped another 2400 for an engine rebuild and my cars been working fine ever since.

Ill admit i don’t know anything about cars but again i wouldnt expect such a well received company to be so blatantly corrupt. Don’t trust these scam artists with anything.

Came by during my lunch break to have them do a smog check. Everything took as long as they said it would and they were friendly about things. The prices are fair and there was a little spot outside for me to relax and wait.

These guys are really nice to your face, but when it comes to actually getting your car serviced they fall well below short. I initially call in asking about a quote for my timing belt because my car is lurching forward while in D. They give me one and tell me they need to run a diagnostic to make sure what we’re fixing is the problem. I agree and we drop it off, when we pick it up… guess what??

The problem is still there and then when I go back inside they tried to charge me another $120 for another diagnostic? And then they begin to tell me i requested just the timing belt so i look at my receipt and show them where they charged a diagnostic fee( so are you saying you didn’t even run a diagnostic, yet charged me for it?) They cave after being shown that and tell us they’ll diagnose it again for free.

It ends up needing a PCV Valve replacement, so we do it!
So at this point with the PCV valve and initial timing belt system replacement were in about 1k. We go to pick upp our car and the car doesn’t even start. The car has a dead battery all of a sudden. How would you feel after all this??? Again nice guys, but really missedd the Mark multiple times

Update: They really thought I was going to forget what they pulled, they called us back after offering to exchange the dead battery they returned the car with a new one. Upon picking the car up Dave held my girlfriends keys captive until she removed her review. She was by herself, and had to take an Uber so essentially at their mercy.Sucks buddy because I’m still leaving a real review of your poor customer service.

Came for a front brake job. Brought my own parts. They did a great job. Clean and most of all great customer service the whole time. They actually had the beat price compared to 3 other places i called as well as offered a $25 off deal through yelp! Cant ask for much more!

Excellent customer service! They did a speedy smog on my car with a wait of no more than 30 mins out the door. Will definitely be back!

My 2009 Prius’ mechanical engine water pump was failing and leaking coolant, which was expected since my odometer just hit 122,000 miles (common failure in the Gen 2 Prius at this age and mileage). I brought my car in and they fixed it same day. The pump is working great and the price was way better than the dealer. It’s wonderful having a hybrid certified shop so close with great pricing. Also, the staff is highly efficient and friendly!

Brought my car in because I was losing coolant and didn’t know why. I dropped off my car in the morning at opening time and was told I would get a call before 2pm. No call received by 2pm so I ended up having to call them. I was told that they could not identify what was causing the problem and charged me $120 just for the diagnosis in which they did not actually find a diagnosis. Complete waste of money. A couple days later I took my car to a different shop-one that did not charge for the diagnosis- at 8am in the morning and by 11am I got a call back from them. This other shop had no problem identifying the cause and they completed the repairs same day. Problem was fixed and I’ve had no more coolant issues since. Needless to say I will not take my car back to ACA since I’ve lost trust in their ability to diagnose any problems.

I have been here twice now in this year. My experience has been nothing short of professional. This shop has qualified technicians that are exceptional. This shop has my trust now. It’s hard to find a shop! They are also AAA affiliated and offers discounts. It is my new shop. Make it yours too……

Friendly, precise, fast service… we’ve taken all our family cars here for years & Adam, Dave, Mike & the other guys never fail to go above & beyond w customer service. Estimates & a thorough explanation is provided up front, & more often than not we’ve experienced the final charges were a bit less than the original estimate. These guys under-promise & consistently over-deliver. Once they called us back AFTER a favorable customer experience with a major brake job to tell us they had accidentally over charged on one component of the service- and they REFUNDED that overcharge (!!). We would have never known as we were already satisfied with our end result. But now? Loyal customers for life- & we tell all our friends too.

Did a great job on a basic service, oil, filter, etc. Also found that bolts were missing on rear caliper which explains the mystery noise I was hearing. Car was done quick and great price. Very professional staff as well. Definitely will go back again.

Response to the b.s. that the owner posted:

I have the original paperwork. I DID NOT REPORT a noise from my vehicle when I brought it in for oil change. Your shop created the noise and the issue.

The reason that I had the vehicle towed away was two-fold: how in the world would a car that was running when I came to you suddenly be undriveable to such degree? I could not fathom. So I needed to do research.
Then…the reason I did not bring it back immediately is due to my personal health issues. Forgive me for not getting sick on ACA’s schedule to rip me off.

When I did tow it back to you, you all damaged it beyond repair (that you could fix) and even got the computer to shut down (as verified by a different independent shop AND the dealer). You sheared off bolts that your “mechanics” didn’t have the proper tools for, and tried to blame the vehicle.
Again, this vehicle had been running perfectly when I brought it in. I needed an oil change and you tried to subsequently swindle me out of almost $5,000.
And you put the PCV cover on backward. The dealer confirmed this.
So…dont try the “smooth over” and put the onus on me. Your shop is sh*t and no one there should be considered a mechanic.

Read your reviews. You have great reviews for smog and minor work. Anything that requires knowledge of vehicles has bad reviews.

And yes, I did request a return of the $1,300 that I paid for a PCV repair that was done WRONG by ACA. Your shop’s “work” had to be redone and fixed by actual technicians who know that they are doing. So I should be allowed my money back since you didn’t deliver on the service.

Your “great customer service” is no disguise for the bogus repair and trumped up/created issues and additional faults ACA causes.

You are a shill of a shop and should never be trusted.

Since being repaired by qualified individuals, my car has been great…thankfully. Finally back to the way it was before it met ACA crap shop.

Jenea, an unsatisfied ACA FORMER customer.
This is a NO STAR rating!!
Took my car in for a simple oil change. There were NO other problems. At all.
When they brought it back to me, they claimed it was “still making a sound.” Mind you, the only sound it made when I drove it in was the sweet, powerful hum of the engine.
After they finished their “oil change”, my car was screaming. No. Really. Screaming.
That should have been my warning.
They claimed I needed an expensive repair.
I couldn’t do it that day, so I had it towed home.
I didn’t drive it again.

Later I had it towed back to them for the repair they claimed it needed.
Lo and behold, I get a call that, though they did that repair, NOW it needed another repair to the tune of $2900-4700 because something else major was wrong!!
What?? A car that I originally drove in, wasn’t high mileage, wasn’t a problem car, now needs all these high dollar repairs?
No. And now, I still can’t drive it AND they admonish me not to even start it.
I had it towed back to me.
So, for a definite determination, I had it towed to the dealer. Dealer has it for 2 days and finds that the original repair ACA did was WRONG (per the advisor/mechanic: “they put it on wrong”), another repair that was made necessary due to ACA’s wrong work was done under warranty (and only needed because ACA messed up!!), and the repairs and replacement (due to sitting, etc., I needed a battery) would come up to less than 1/4 of the low end of ACA’s estimate. And this is from the dealer!!
I would say I can’t believe it, but since ACA tried to take me to the cleaners, I did some asking around and googling and their reputation for actual vehicle repair is crap!!
Apparently, they are great with smog and maybe oil change, but their mechanics don’t know much beyond “shadetree mechanics” who could work on your car in a home driveway. No expertise or knowledge.
Their customer service is top notch, to cover up lack of skill. The mechanical skills for the cars is totally garbage.
I am pursuing this via AAA as they should NOT be a recommended shop and, if you look beyond the short reviews on here and check out the real reviews, you’ll find I’m not the only customer they tried to fleece while doing damage to their car that required fixing by the dealer/another shop.
ACA is the type of auto repair place that gives shops bad names.
I will be submitting itemized and detailed reports to AAA and the BBB regarding this place. This is unacceptable and reprehensible.
Do not go trust them with your car. A smooth customer service veneer can not cover trying to steal $4700 for shotty, unnecessary work.
I already lost $1300 to them, for work the dealer had to undo. I’m pursuing all remedy.

Took my car in for broken radiator turns out it was a hose that was busted. They did an excellent job keeping me informed during the time my car was in for repairs. Vince and Adam are great! Very rare to find an auto shop like this place! I will return for future

Update: had decent first experience here, so when my radiator got busted the 2nd time I thought I would give the guys a shot at repairing it again. Well now the customer service skills have gone to crap. Had it towed and dropped off after hours and first thing Monday morning one of the service advisors call to have me authorize them to diagnose the problem, well this time around I was going to be having the insurance pay for it since it sustained more than radiator damage. I informed the service advisor that I cannot authorize anything until the adjuster from usaa authorizes it. He wasn’t to happy when I told them I wouldn’t authorize anything right away, he proceeded tell me I need to authorize them to check it out since they won’t allow storage of vehicles. I’m not trying to store anything just need to wait until usaa adjuster authorizes it. I asked for Adam who I dealt with previously who claimed he was the “owner” well Adam isn’t the owner apparently he just works there. He said CORPORATE made the decision not to allow storage of vehicles due to the current events happening, well you don’t want my business obviously so I had my car towed out of the to a shop that wouldn’t pressure me to make decisions without insurance company approval. They seems pretty shady and hungry for suckers who only pay cash and aren’t interested in dealing with insurance jobs that might take a bit of time to get approved.

I took my car here for a smog test and I was very impressed! Super quick and efficient. I expected it to take longer. Staff was very friendly and approachable! Will be coming back here for future services.

This was my 3rd time here, and well they know how to keep you happy and satisfied! Superior Customer Service and great attitudes all around. They truly care and they’ve got my loyalty! Best Auto service around by far!

Smog was quick and easy, thank you again!! Everyone was happy and than willing to help, always a pleasure coming here

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