It is often asked about the life expectancy of brake pads. However, this question is similar to asking how long a piece is worth. Driving style and habits are major factors in the life expectancy of brake pads. This is unique to each driver. There are guidelines that brake manufacturers […]

Drivers have essentially two options when it comes to servicing an Alfa Romeo vehicle. They have the option of taking their vehicle to their local Alfa Romeo service center or finding a corner shop to do the service instead. There are a few key reasons why dealerships are better equipped […]

Driving with worn tires can be hazardous for you as a driver, your passengers, and other people using the same road as you. Replacement of car tires is a key part of maintaining your car’s wellness. The tires you choose can determine your take and taste about driving, tires affect […]

You’ve just got a new car, and you’re thinking of getting a car paint protection. There’ll be no physical difference between the car’s paints color before or after the paint protection.  This paint protection is an extra layer of a transparent protective coat to prevent damage and protect your car. […]

There are many reasons why people love electric cars and it is in the rave in 2021. You do not need to buy gas, buy a lot of oil or bother about emissions while getting the best driving experience. It has multiple benefits and it is no wonder many people […]

  It takes some research to know just the right car for you. A car is an investment you do not want to mess up with, so you need to know the kind of car that best serves you. Here are the factors to consider when selecting a car: Budget […]

Cars aren’t designed and built to last a lifetime. There are so many moving parts, thousands of components that need regular maintenance and replacement, and the value of cars drops to such low levels that you can buy a pair of average running shoes for more than an average car […]

Our final round of incredible 1:24 scale drag racer model kits. © Hot Rod Network Staff 001-ELAPSED-TIMES-MODEL-BOXES-PART-3 The late ’60s and early ’70s was not just a great era for drag racing, it was also a great era for model car kits. Coincidence? Nope. Funny Cars and Pro Stockers were […]

Photo by Alex Iby Originally Posted On: 3 Things to Know When Buying a Classic Car – carwitter   For car enthusiasts, motorheads, or anyone who loves the feeling of getting behind the wheel and driving off into the sunset, owning a classic car is the dream. It may not […]

Janet Begley, Special to TCPalm Published 5:18 p.m. ET Oct. 6, 2020 | Updated 7:05 p.m. ET Oct. 6, 2020 CLOSE The former Press Journal building, 1801 U.S. 1, could be the site of an auto museum. (Photo: File photo) VERO BEACH—  The City Council Tuesday cleared the way  for a […]

What Is the Difference Between Classic Car Insurance and Regular Car Insurance? Although policies for both classic cars and everyday vehicles offer many of the same types of coverage, there are several ways in which classic car insurance differs from the types of policies offered on other vehicles. First and […]