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75 3443 West 43rd StLos Angeles, CA 90008 (424) 288-4111 So after Celebrating Mom’s Birthday this past weekend I arrived at my car only to find that someone had broken into my car and ransacked it. They broke the door handle and messed up the keyhole so I needed to […]


3443 West 43rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90008

(424) 288-4111

So after Celebrating Mom’s Birthday this past weekend I arrived at my car only to find that someone had broken into my car and ransacked it. They broke the door handle and messed up the keyhole so I needed to find someone who could fix it for me

I ordered a replacement handle online and immediately started a search for someone to install it. After communicating with Adam via Yelp messenger yesterday, he asked me to bring the car in so he can take a look at it.

I arrived early this morning and had a chat with a gentleman behind the desk explaining my situation and showing him my replacement door handle. He thought quickly and asked to borrow my key and was able to turn the broken lock to my surprise

He then asked to pull my car into the garage so they can take a closer look. About 30 minutes later he said it was ready and I could take it home! He charged me a reasonable price and I Thanked him and went on my merry way!!! So happy I found this place and I now remember passing it on my way to work when they were on National…

Need good quick reasonably priced work, head over, have a chat and them show you what they can do!

20 plus years ago I worked for the most exclusive body shop in LA, so I sadly see a car that has been repaired from 30 feet away. My car was hit and Adam and the team knew I was the biggest pain in the neck customer– if it was not right. They took on the challenger and my car was delivered back to MY satisfaction. 150% recommendation

ONLY place I take my cars. I have been in Los Angeles over 30 years and I KNOW the city is filled with really, really bad body-shops. Fleiner Automotive does fantastic work. Family owned and operated, with attention to extreme detail, and they do not cut corners. Always happy with the outcome.

Many years of experience. VERY CLEAN work. I also go to Fleiner Automotive for car details and the outcome is better than showroom. If you’re trying to sell your car, have them detail it – first person that comes to see the car will buy it. You can also take your car to Fleiner for them to sell for you, which makes life a lot easier. When I sell my cars, I take them to Fleiner and just let him handle the rest.

Good people are hard to find. I hate posting about the places I like to go because of the crowds but I love cars and felt the need to open my book of LA secrets and speak TRUTH. You’re welcome.

If ever there was a reason to be “thankful” that my car had to spend some time in a body shop, that reason would simply be the fact that it resulted in my experiencing the quality service that Adam & Co. at Fleiner Automotive provided. They were thorough, communicated well, and simply provided a great experience in spite of the circumstances that lead to my being there.

Thanks again Adam for everything.

A friend at WME.

It was such a right choice and good decision to try this place. It’s actually already my second time at Fleiner and before that I was going through a lot of recommendations and reviews, talking to my friends before I decided to go here. It’s so hard to choose the right place here in LA, here is enough bad and EXPENSIVE body shops where you can spend your money for nothing just waiting forever. This is really good one. Such a great and professional service, doing their work really fast. Besides all of that the crew is really kind nice and patient guys. Totally recommended!

Wouldn’t take my car to any other place. Adam and staff are knowledgeable and are the best advocates against crappy insurance companies that like to cut corners.

I have been a loyal customer of Fleiner Auto Body for at least twenty-ish years! I usually have to go before I turn in my leased cars to make them picture perfect, and that’s exactly what this family shop does. You will get special attention, and very reasonable prices. They will keep their word to keep your car only as long as truly required. They are super helpful and professional. I’m grateful they are professional friends, and heartily recommend their services.

Gail S.

I went in today needing an adjustment to my headlights and Adam and Freddy helped me out right away. They spent longer on it than they should have had to (because my husband put them in wrong) but made sure everything was right and didn’t even charge me for it!

This is a shop that is going to treat you like family. It’s clean. They are friendly. You’re going to feel good about going in.

This review Is long over due. These guys have taken care of me multiple times this year, handling my emergencies and auto breakdowns- wit absolute grace, kindness, and generosity.

Not only are these guys knowledgeable and efficient, and affordable- they are just incredibly friendly and in service of their customers. I’m blown away by their honesty and customer service.

Not that this matters- but I’m a small young women, I find auto places intimidating and I have it in the back of my head that most places are out to take advantage of my ignorance. I consult with like 4-5 places before I get anything done to my car (this actually applies to most services in my life). I wholeheartedly trust these guys with my car. They have a customer for life with me.

This review is a month or so overdue and I am still absolutely satisfied with my repair. These guys are amazing.. honest.. knowledgeable.. willing to work with your needs. I am so grateful I found them before dishing out far more money elsewhere. They saved me hundreds of dollars and did an incredible job on my prius bumper repair. Thanks a ton, Adam and Freddy. You guys made a big headache go away. The shop is beautiful to top it all off.

I’ll never come back. They were keeping my car 10 days, instead 5 how they said before. They never called me and let me know the job will extended because of some reason. I called them always. Even last day when it supposed to be fix, nobody called. OMG!! Horrible customer service!!
I asked like compensation discount. I was waiting for 30 minutes $50 discount. And I paid ~$1300.
The owner even didn’t try to be nice and apologize for so long job. Actually, he even didn’t say HELLO. “Nice manners” for man who wants to have successful business.
They did big mess inside the car, scratched window on a driver side, fixed the problem not properly…
But!! They washed the car!! Big favor which I wasn’t needed!!

Fleiner Automotive is Awesome! The staff is very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Luis and Adam were able to help me understand the crazy process of getting my car repaired through the insurance company. I was kept up to date of the status of my car in the process of getting repaired.

My car was returned to me looking much better than it did before it was involved in an accident.

Before I picked them I received an estimate from 2 other businesses that had good YELP reviews. Luis was the only person who explained to me what needed to be done and why. If you have any hesitation about if you should call them for car repair, don’t worry just stop by and pay them a visit. They will help you out.
I picked them based on previous YELP reviews and was not disappointed. Go ahead give them a call. Great business and staff. Adam was extremely helpful in working things out with the insurance company. Do yourself a favor and check them out. I hope I don’t need any future car repairs, but would go back to them in a second.

Wow. A+ service and kind people. I’m so impressed – I immediately told friends in and out of LA about my experience today.

I had a small bump in a parking lot about two weeks ago. I didn’t want to use my insurance but was dreading the cost of fixing this – especially on a car that I got less than three months ago. I went to Fleiner based on Yelp reviews in order to get a quote – I had actually set aside an hour to go to a few places so I could compare quotes.

Adam takes down my information, then takes a look at my car. He immediately calls over one of his employees to take some polish to the white paint on my bumper. It mostly disappears. Adam asks how perfect I need the bumper to be – not very! He then brings me in his office, gives me some water, and we have a great conversation for about 20 minutes.

We come back out, and my bumper looks amazing. All of the white paint is gone, it’s been re-aligned (it had come loose/askew on that side), the headlights are polished….and he charges me NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. I offer, and he declines.

Oh my goodness. I had come in hoping that I could MAYBE keep my repair under $500, and instead it’s free. The only marks on my bumper are from where the paint was completely gone at the bottom, which I don’t care about.

Adam and the team could have easily ripped me off, especially since I thought the damage was much more extensive. But nope. He didn’t. He didn’t even ask me to write this review, although I told him (after the work) that I was going to because oh man, this was amazing.

Seriously made my whole day amazing. Thank you Adam and thank you Fleiner! As I said, although I of course hope that I won’t have to be back….if I need someone, you are my top choice!

Highly recommend Fleiner for any car need. Fixed my bumper right away without having to wait at all and without an appointment. Very nice facility and people. Won’t go anywhere else. Thanks!

I came to Fleiner Automotive after reading the helpful Yelp reviews and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed! I had to repair the side of my car that was scratched after backing up from a parking lot. The service was excellent! Adam was really friendly, helpful and honest. I am not an expert with cars but he was able to explain to me everything really clearly. They also took care of everything so I didn’t have to deal with nor worry about anything.

After a week or so the car was perfectly repaired and in addition it was cleaned, waked and polished, looking like new!

Adam was also really nice and gave me many helpful tips for selling my car, since i am moving back to Europe.

Come here, you won’t be disappointed!

It’s my first time turning in a leased vehicle and I was worried about owing the dealer for some nicks and scratches that have accumulated over the years. I met with Adam to get an estimate and he was above and beyond more helpful than I was expecting.

Adam gave some great suggestions on how to work with the dealership, and after noticing that most of the nicks on my car were minor, he and his crew polished the scrapes and filled them in with matching paint. Took less than maybe 10 minutes, and when I asked for a total he said the job was so small and quick payment wasn’t necessary.

I found Adam to be extremely friendly, honest and professional, and the crew was very quick and did a great job. I will definitely be using them in the future and I highly recommend others to do so as well.

I can’t even describe how GRATEFUL I am for Adam and Fleiner Automotive! I met Adam through a friend and it was a total blessing. This was the FIRST time I ever felt like I wasn’t getting ripped off and that someone (Adam) was really looking out for my best interest. He really cares about making his clients happy and doing a great job. He’s not in it for the quick money. You can tell by his dedication to his work and the reviews for his company that he’s honorable and a man of his word. I highly recommend him and his shop to anyone out there that needs anything done to their car, he does it all!! All I can say is that there’s a major sense of relief that I don’t have to worry about where I’m taking my car anymore!! Thanks Adam!

Long story short:

Car got hit. Referred to Fleiner’s. Fast forward a few weeks and my car looks brand new!

The reviews on here are as genuine as Adam & Kenny. Incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their work. Adam took care of me every step of the way and made sure to make everything hassle free.

Seriously. From the pre-estimate, dropping my car off, dealing with my insurance, to picking up my car at no point did I feel overwhelmed with anything. The only thing I was overwhelmed with was with how shiny brand new my car looked. They cleaned it inside and out (thanks for that guys, I know my car’s a mess.)

This place goes above and beyond your expectations. Bring your car here. Just do it.

After a horrifying experience at another bodyshop that shall remain anonymous (Eli’s) I was refreshingly treated like a human being at Fleiner Automotive.

I brought in my scion and they couldn’t have been nicer or more informative.

Adam gave me a tour of the whole facility.

There is a lot of pride at this place plus it was spotless.

I saw the quality of their work & it passed my test which is I couldn’t tell the car was ever in an accident.

What more could you ask??

I’m bringing my Range Rover on Monday so the adjuster can see it there.

I just told Mercury insurance how impressed I was with Fleiner Automotive.

I am not affiliated with this company in any way.

Feel free to check with me
310 927 1532
[email protected]

Absolutely the best!!! They will take care of you and provide quality work. This is the second time I’ve taken my car there and I’ve been very happy with the results. They go above and beyond to keep you informed and updated. I wouldn’t have a problem making this place my permanent auto body place. I know I can trust them with my car and they will take care of it and me.

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