Irish Car Bomb recipe

Irish Car Bomb is one of the most popular drinks worldwide. The ingredients are simple and widely available, and beer lovers will almost certainly enjoy it. If you ask for one of these in an Irish pub you’ll be greeted with either a smile, or a black eye. Enjoy! More […]

Irish Car Bomb is one of the most popular drinks worldwide. The ingredients are simple and widely available, and beer lovers will almost certainly enjoy it. If you ask for one of these in an Irish pub you’ll be greeted with either a smile, or a black eye. Enjoy!

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posted by goaliegreg @ 08:12PM, 5/06/06

Fun to do, but if you’re full, i don’t advise this drink, as if you don’t chug fast enough, you will most likely pop.

Ladder 49

posted by firefighter13 @ 02:45AM, 5/25/06

A classic drink of the fire department. My crew’s been doing these on off-duty nights for quite some time now. Featured in the movie Ladder 49!

Tastes like beer at the start, milkshake at the end.

Always a nice drink

posted by J @ 12:16PM, 6/24/06

So I went to an Irish bar/restaurant last night… is it inapropriate to ask for an Irish Car Bomb?

Car Bombed

posted by andd95 @ 07:57PM, 6/30/06

Defintely not, I’ve been into Irish pubs and they just chuckle as they serve it to us.

Tons O’ Fun

posted by matt @ 11:10AM, 7/03/06

Always fun, I introduced this drink to my friends during a party last night and they can’t get enough of it.

Drink of firefighters

posted by acfireman @ 09:58PM, 7/14/06

The drink of Irish and firefighters everywhere.

Love ‘Em

posted by JordieG @ 06:38AM, 7/15/06

Not just fun to do but very entertaining to on-lookers. I like getting a group of my buddies to do these at parties while everyone chants “Chug!Chug!Chug!Chug!Chug!”


posted by d @ 02:39PM, 7/22/06

Do not order a Car Bomb in any authentic Irish bar.

When in Ireland..

posted by mmm @ 11:47PM, 7/23/06

It is an extremely bad idea to order this drink in Ireland and most bartenders will be offended by either the name or the fact that this drink ruins a perfectly good pint of stout.


posted by Frank @ 08:09PM, 8/10/06

No. Dumbass.


posted by Jack @ 10:06PM, 8/12/06

Never…if it is an authentic Irish pub (hint…no Union Jacks) then a drink that pays homage to “the Boys” will not draw ire…now a Black and Tan, however….


posted by aaa @ 10:51PM, 8/26/06

I was having a great time last night until someone handed me one of these and yelled chug. I felt sick instantly. Bleagh!


posted by 3d @ 11:46PM, 8/26/06

If it’s an old fashion irish bar it’s more appropriate to ask for a “lunch box”, rather than an “irish car bomb.” My friend made that mistake once, and was run out of a bar in boston.

Bombs away

posted by Irishstud @ 01:54PM, 9/01/06

They are great, but don’t try to drink too many in a short period of time because your stomach will explode like an Irish car bomb.

In Ireland

posted by chug @ 07:15PM, 9/05/06

They’re known as depth chargers..or at least they were when I was there.

These are great

posted by Oscar A. H. @ 05:21PM, 9/16/06

Irish car bombs are great to take with a small to medium group. With my friends, we always have to have it at least twice at every outing to make sure everyone gets their share of alcohol. Another fun drink to go along with or in place of this (and tastes much better no matter how long you wait) JAEGER BOMBS!

Oh so good

posted by DD @ 01:30PM, 9/22/06

Surprisingly delicious even if you don’t like Guiness much, but don’t set down the glass until it’s empty.

You’re not doin’ em right…. wussy.

posted by ULTRA_JUSTIN @ 05:39PM, 9/26/06

Use a whole pint of Guinness (what are you gonna do with the rest anyway?), a whole shot of Bailey’s and 1-3 (or more if you just don’t like being awake) shots of Irish Whiskey (I like Bushmills but I guess Jameson’ll work just as well.) Happy hangover!

Widely available…

posted by vernonounkbass @ 08:13AM, 9/27/06

I have been to England, Ireland, and most of Europe, and no one has heard of this drink. I love them, don’t get me wrong, but it is definately a U.S. thing.

This drink rocks

posted by Lone WolF @ 02:47PM, 9/28/06

This drink friggin rocks.

In Ireland

posted by Todd @ 01:48PM, 9/29/06

It’s just called a car bomb.


Firefighter Tradition

posted by Lt. Rowe @ 01:44AM, 9/30/06

From a chief to a probie everyone loves a good car bomb.

Good fun!

posted by Aussieman @ 02:46AM, 10/01/06

Bloody fun to do! Me and my mates had this in Ireland and brought it back home. We all love it!

Irish bar

posted by tyrael @ 08:30PM, 10/01/06

It is inappropriate to ask for an Irish Car Bomb in an irish bar. They call it a depth charge, ask for that instead.


posted by Padraic McMahon @ 01:44PM, 10/03/06

No it is in no way inappropriate to ask for a Irish car bomb at an IRISH restaurant. Just make sure the bartender speaks with an accent.


posted by Tyso @ 07:47PM, 10/03/06

One of the best. Also try the Canadian Car Bomb, substituting the shot with 1/2 Canadian whiskey and 1/2 REAL maple syrup (not Jemima-style)

Don’t be afraid

posted by Adam Hardrock @ 08:59AM, 10/08/06

I lot of people that I’ve told about the Irish car bomb, even those that like beer say “I dont like Guinness”. But when done like this its more like a tasty milk shake.

Great drink!

posted by Cathy @ 11:55PM, 10/11/06

A great classic and one of my absolute favorites!


posted by befulauti @ 03:15PM, 10/14/06

This is a very good drink if you want to feel nice.

posted by Kevin @ 11:55PM, 10/16/06

^^Yes. Ask for a Depth Charge.

Best drink ever

posted by Johnny Heck @ 04:50PM, 10/19/06

ICB’s are the best. If you’re not a big beer chugger then taking on Guiness might not be a good idea.

And I get them from my Irish bar all the time. Guess it depends how Irish the owner is.

Fire department

posted by Eric @ 07:43AM, 10/20/06

This are great in boston where I am a fire fighter. After a long day at the fire house it is great to throw back a few irish car bombs.

Londonderry laughs

posted by I’m drunk right now @ 12:00PM, 10/27/06

I ordered an ICB at a pub in N. Ireland. The cops arrested me and closed off the block.

Not on my watch

posted by Alan @ 12:47PM, 11/02/06

As an Irish bartender in NY I refuse to make these. The title is offensive, Guinness and Jameson are best enjoyed in seperate glasses side by side each other and the glasses are disgusting to clean afterwards.

If you’re over 25 think again about ordering one.


posted by stew @ 11:48PM, 11/08/06

Some irish pubs dont like it. I’ve been to one where they call it a peacemaker.

Big drink for a small girl

posted by lb49erhottie @ 05:47PM, 11/09/06

I love Irish Car Bombs. Had them 1st at a friend’s house and now it’s a frequent request… I like to see men’s expressions when they see me chug a couple of these down.


posted by Devin @ 09:32PM, 11/11/06

Don’t go to the repulic and ask for a black and tan though….


posted by Billy @ 08:29PM, 11/13/06

While having an irish car bomb, i found the shot glass being aweful annoying while pounding my brew. Can I just pour the cream/whiskey in and drink it at the same speed?

Drink this

posted by tim @ 01:26PM, 11/21/06

This was the first drink I had on my 21st. Definitely a great start to the night.

Everyone’s Irish while drinking

posted by kerry* @ 05:09PM, 11/21/06

So much cooler than a California Car Bomb. Another perk is that every bartender loves serving them – and they’re entertaining.

Check your wallet first…

posted by Jarrod @ 08:47PM, 11/25/06

This was the featured drink at my bachelor party. But, depending on the location, they can be very expensive. I believe the bar added something to the Guiness as well. Amaretto I think. Really good.

A Pint and a Drop

posted by earthbeauty @ 03:42PM, 11/30/06

Every friday night in Blarney, Ireland both young and old go to the Local pub for a pint and a drop. I think that this is even better, killing two birds with one stone! Love it!

Panty dropper

posted by bleet @ 01:30AM, 12/01/06

Yes yes. Does what the title says.


Always good

posted by Mumbles @ 08:19PM, 12/15/06

These things taste great and are fun to do back to back. I’ve known a few people that don’t like Guinness, but love to do carbombs.

Easier Recipie

posted by Joe @ 09:28PM, 12/15/06

This is a little easier on the taste buds if you don’t like whiskey. Keep the guiness the same but make the Baileys 1oz. Float 1/4oz Jameson on the top of the shot then chug. This is actually the way most Bars that allow these drinks serve them.


posted by yo @ 10:01PM, 12/24/06

People say that it tastes bad to let it sit? While I like to take it like a shot like most people, my friends and I also like to mix one up and sip on it, and it’s not bad at all like people try to say.

Don’t call them car bombs

posted by Winston_Smith @ 06:10PM, 12/26/06

I was at an Irish bar and ordered a round of these with the band. To which they said “sure, but we don’t call them Irish car bombs, we call them happy drinks. We don’t have a drink in Ireland called the world trade center do we?”

So now when I goto that bar I always do at least one happy drink with the guys from Revel’s Glen.

Get a new job

posted by drinkFREE @ 08:18PM, 12/30/06

That’s pretty silly to refuse to serve one of these. A drink is a drink and if you’re offended by it, don’t bartend anymore. Some people are so serious about their alcohol it’s ridiculous.


posted by drunken [email protected]@rd @ 12:44AM, 1/01/07

Whatever you call it, it’s a delightful drink

True Catholic Irish will not be offended

posted by Norah O’Conner @ 12:46PM, 1/02/07

It is ridiculous to assume any Irishmen or women would be offended by someone ordering this drink in a “True” Irish pub. Irish pubs are about fun and laugher, and I have never been offended, nor have any of my fellow TRUE born & bred Irish Catholic bartenders!

Order it all you like. Its not offensive – How dare you order a Manhattan in Up State New York, or a Tom Collins from a bartender named Tom! Thats how ridiculous those of you sound stating you should not order this.

Love these shits

posted by jay @ 11:28PM, 1/02/07

Over the xmas/new years weekend my dude introduced me to these shots.. I can’t get enough of them.

Irish bartender

posted by Rob @ 08:53AM, 1/04/07

Have worked in NY n here in irl and i had never heard of a car bomb of any sort…. ask for depth charge in irl and keep it to car bomb in the states….either way its a good way of gettin trashed!

Totally great n safe

posted by lebanese liquor tank @ 05:15AM, 1/06/07

Lets call it what we want, but the truth is it’s an insanely wicked drink.


posted by rob @ 03:30PM, 1/10/07

I really like this drink to chug with friends but I would never order one in a upper class pub. Its more of a fun social drink.

Did someone say CARBOMB???

posted by Myoung007 @ 02:28AM, 1/16/07

By far my favorite drink on St. Patricks Day! Forget green beer!

Delightfully messy.

posted by -X- @ 12:34AM, 1/19/07

As a relatively young girl with no appetite for beer, I had no problem knocking this one back with three of my guy friends in a bar tonight. It went down smooth and creamy — more like a tasty little milkshake than anything else. I almost finished chugging first.

Get over it

posted by John @ 02:39PM, 1/23/07

“Ohh the name of a freaking drink is soooo offensive.” Jesus, get over it. How thin skinned can you be… and as a bartender, someone that provides a service to those paying you, you should make whatever we ask for whether it is your opinion that the drinks are better by themselves.

Depth Charges are just:

posted by Aidan @ 04:14PM, 1/23/07

Any shot dropped into any beer. And to the Irish Bartender who wont serve the ICB: You’re lame and If I lived in NY I’d complain to the owner then find a bar with a cool bartender, not the captain of the fun police.

Cheap meal

posted by mike @ 05:36PM, 1/23/07

If you’re hungry and thirsty, this drink will set you right…


posted by balls @ 10:41PM, 1/24/07

A friend of mine went to a pub in Ireland and asked for an Irish Car Bomb — the bartender told him to fuck off and asked how he would like it if he went to the states and ordered a “9/11”.

Come on man

posted by Joey.R. @ 07:14PM, 2/02/07

This is a great little teaser, a wonderful way to start the drinking, but I wouldn’t keep at it all night, just to start off with!!!

Hits that nerve on the back of the neck!

posted by wood smoke @ 03:49PM, 2/06/07

This is one of the best mixed drinks ever. It was given to me by an irishman. No offense intended.

Re: Not on my watch (Lazy bartender)

posted by Hard working Irish bartender @ 02:20PM, 2/10/07

Refuse to make a drink? I live in Eire, and agree that the name is offensive. But not making a drink when a customer orders it (and using the excuse that you don’t like cleaning the glasses) – you shouldn’t be a bartender if you don’t want to do the work. I think Rum and Coke are best enjoyed separate, but I wouldn’t refuse to mix them if someone ordered it. I used to live in NYC for a few years, its just a matter of time before someone smacks you so you do your job right.

My favorite drink

posted by Jim @ 04:02AM, 2/11/07

These are great when you’re losing your buzz… but if you can’t chug don’t bother ordering. There’s nothing worse than seeing a good carbomb wasted when the baileys curdles. By the way, if you go to any pub in ireland, don’t bother ordering, unless you want to look like a moron. These taste like a delicious milkshake, so drinking multiple carbombs in a short period of time is easy… but they sneak up on you!!!


posted by Rhiannon @ 05:36AM, 2/15/07

These are good if you plan on drinking the whole thing properly. Otherwise, yes, it’s a filthy mug of curdled Baileys. I never thought about ordering them carefully in terms of where I was. Good to know for when I go to Ireland. (Though I plan on drinking Guinness the right way there.)

Gimme’ a fakin’ break you yank!!!

posted by Irish V @ 11:36PM, 2/17/07

U’re no Irishmen!!! This is one of the most fun and fun startin’ drinks there are!!! You don’t like ’em, fine. Just don’t “not on my watch” you fakin’ prude!!! I’m over “25” and still lovin’ ’em!!! They’re a blast, and I feel bad for any “bartender” whom won’t serve one – they’d be losin’ my business and certainly my tips!!!


posted by Chaz @ 11:41PM, 2/17/07

You don’t advise them??? You’ve got to be a girl – possibly a very soft Irishwoman. ICB’s are one of the best shots ever concocted!!! A true Irishmen, or woman, would certainly agree. You can’t go wrong – a must do drink – over and over!!!

Absolutely Innapropriate

posted by Patty O’Malley @ 07:47PM, 2/26/07

It is absolutely innapropriate to order a car bomb at a bar in Ireland or anyplace with legit Irish accents because the name pokes fun at the turmoil and death that happens throughout Ireland, that would be like breaking a Forty of Old English and saying hey look a nigger knife, completely innapropriate.

Better idea

posted by sillybilly @ 04:55AM, 2/27/07

Always order these shots in an Irish bar and order a baked potatoe to go with it.

Not true

posted by Tiff @ 01:26PM, 3/13/07

I went on a tour of Ireland with born and raised Irish and everywhere they took us and where they met up with friends ordered Irish Car Bombs. This was all over Ireland and nowhere did anyone get offended. Even the Irish enjoyed racing us.

Just a warning

posted by a @ 12:33AM, 3/14/07

This is a great drink but I think I should share some wisdom here. There are a few good Irish bars in the city where I live, and I’ve frequented most of them for a few years now. Years ago when I was at one of these bars, I made the mistake of ignorantly asking the bartender for an Irish Car Bomb. He had apparently moved from Ireland only two years earlier, and had a family member die in the Omagh bombing in 98. This was obviously not a good situation to be in and once he calmed down, he said that the drink should be ordered as a Luck of the Irish. He added “Isn’t that kind of ironic?” chuckling a little after what was almost a complete breakdown in front of the entire bar. If you ask for an Irish Car Bomb, be careful who you are asking, because for some it brings up some very painful and very recent history. If someone on this site is saying otherwise, they are either misinformed or biased. Imagine asking a Tutsi for a drink called a Genocide…


posted by John @ 01:20PM, 3/16/07

To set the record straight, this drink was invented in 1834 by a wheelmaker named Devan McGlaugh in Drogheda. It constituted his lunch for better than thirty years and was referred to by his freinds/coworkers as a carriage crumpler. It is a true irish drink as anyone on Dulleek street could tell you.


posted by Jeremy @ 08:49PM, 3/16/07

I’m not that big of a fan of Guinness by itself, or of whisky by itself, but combine them together with some Bailey’s and it’s freakin’ heaven!


posted by Aggs @ 09:27PM, 3/16/07

Chocolate milk, i dont remember much of that night but i remember that it tasted like chocolate milk. It now is my favorite. Good Times.

Not on my watch

posted by TJ @ 10:24PM, 3/16/07

You are a terrible bartender.


posted by Nate @ 12:50AM, 3/17/07

I totally agree with “When in Ireland,” and “Not on my watch.” It does ruin a perfectly good pint. And I have been all over Europe…

So, in response to “No;” hey, go for it man. Order an “Irish car bomb” in Europe. Be sure to post pictures of your bruised and bloodied face later though, so all of us that tried to warn you can have a laugh.


posted by Patrick Michael O’Flannigan @ 03:31PM, 3/17/07

My eighty-year-old gramma knocks ’em back like an Irish poet on payday.

Irish car bomb tale

posted by Horseman @ 03:52PM, 3/17/07

I had too many of these last night. About 6 in fact. Woke up this morning bloated and blown out like a shetland pony! I love the drink!!!


posted by Robbie @ 04:13PM, 3/17/07

This is the best drink to start the night off right.

Just so you know…

posted by X @ 10:43PM, 3/17/07

The reason the title is inappropriate is because it’s a play on Black Friday, when Dublin was the victim of multiple car bombings. Thus, Irish car bomb. So yes, it is entirely offensive to order in the wrong bar/state/country; however, I’ve ordered it in most places without a problem. Better would be calling it a plain car bomb; best would be ordering a Guinness and not disgracing it with anything extra.

Irish Car Bomb

posted by Jim Eisenhower, Florida. @ 11:11PM, 3/17/07

I was at the pub in Davenport, Florida tonight for St. Paddy’s night and I saw this drink advertised. As someone who grew up in Northern Ireland seeing the carnage and death a car bomb creates I was sickened and disgussted by this name. It’s inappropriate, tasteless and down right disrespectful. To me it would be akin to going in to an American bar on 9/11 and ordering a cocktail called a Flaming Twin Tower… totally totally offensive. God bless the USA, God bless Ireland.


posted by Ryan O’Kirk @ 12:02AM, 3/18/07

It doesn’t matter if it’s mixed before or after you drink. I am Irish and all that really matters is that you have a good time when you drink it, mix or not just smile and enjoy!!

Party on!

posted by Sin @ 01:47PM, 3/23/07

These are great if you want to get real drunk real quick. But for the love of god, DROP AND CHUG. I’ve seen people vomit up some horrible things from drinking a curdled car bomb.

Try it at least once…

posted @ 03:59PM, 3/30/07

Make sure you’ve had a few before trying one of these if you dont like Guinness. Definitely tastes just like chocolate milk when you put the glass down.


posted by Brian @ 10:59PM, 4/05/07

Regarding “Not on my watch”… Honestly we don’t care what it’s like to clean afterwards. That’s your job. If someone asks for a depth charge and you say no because it’s also called an Irish Car Bomb…lame. Every taste is different and someone will like the taste of something you don’t. Don’t give me any of this “they’re better separate so I’m not making one.”

That said… this drink fucking rocks. I’ve had two today and feel great. Like a milkshake without the work of getting it through a straw.

Liquid Sex

posted by Juck Pulver @ 11:55PM, 4/06/07

One of the most enjoyable things on Earth ( If made correctly). If anyone gets offended, go somewhere else and spend your money.


posted by Drou @ 03:09PM, 4/12/07

Yes, it tastes like chocolate milk.

But talk about a drink designed to make you sick…

Good for while

posted by Mark @ 10:56PM, 4/12/07

Depth Charges are the name we use, and we love ’em, but that Irish bartender is right, their charm wears off after a while. Better to go for a pint of Guinness from the tap. Mmmmm.

I had a Guinness straight off the assembly line in Dublin, now how many people can say that?

Great Drink, But,…

posted by BigLarryT @ 02:47PM, 4/17/07

Not a drink you decide to go get drunk on, unless you’re extremely easy to get wasted. I drank 10 of these things in a row made the correct way from a Irish pub in Cincy and never got as much of a buzz. I’m 6’4″ 350, so maybe that’s the problem,..:)


posted by ndmccarty @ 12:03AM, 4/19/07

Tastes like chocolate milk!

Didn’t know what i was in for!

posted by lelalive @ 12:44PM, 4/22/07

Didn’t know what i was drinking until i checked out this website…but damn was it good…go irish!

They rock

posted by Jim @ 06:27PM, 4/30/07

I was on my yearly fishing trip with highschool buddies, I slammed down 12 of these things, one for each year of sobriety had saved up. They are really good.

Right or wrong

posted by khris @ 02:02AM, 5/06/07

I ordered irish car bombs once and the bartender asked if i wanted them right or wrong. Never heard that question. Anyone?

Back from war

posted by DB @ 07:10PM, 5/12/07

My friends and I just returned from a year tour in Iraq. After each of us had our requisite dozen or more Guinness on there own we started with the ICBs. We have renamed them “VBIEDs” pronounce V-bid. Those are “Vehicle Bourne Improvised Explosive Devices” in honor of one of our favorite threats at war and a fun way to spend the $800 the ten of us put on the bar at the start of the night.

Drunk in queens, new york

posted by victor @ 07:21PM, 5/25/07

Black and tan~happy drink~irish car bomb~lunch box whateva gimme 3 ina row!!!!

Great stuff

posted by Chris @ 09:24PM, 5/27/07

I am hooked on this drink. It’s delicious. It kind of tastes like a chocolate milkshake. Don’t use Guinness Stout, because it will taste like ass. You get messed up on these too, so don’t do too many at once, they are very addicting.

Odd lot ye Americans

posted by P.F. U Dhroighnein @ 11:10AM, 5/30/07

Well this is quite a laugh. I’d not like te think what looks you’d get if you asked for a car bonb in any of our local pubs.

I think maybe we’d put up with it just the once for entertainment sakes.

We west cost Irish are less into adventure than you’ll find over in Dublin and Cork. With the ways things are going over there now, you never know..

God Bless the Republic, the People and all you Irish loving American brothers and sisters. Come on over anytime you fancy. All welcome

… Just call it an ‘American’ car bomb while you’re here… to save you from losing a few teeth y’see.

From ireland

posted by Hugh Lyle @ 04:26AM, 6/08/07

I live in ireland its ok to ask for this but just explain what you want!!

We do a whiskey chaser with a pint of Guinness

Have a shot of whiskey, put the pint glass over it upside down and turn the glass over so that the shot is upside down and the pint is upright, pour the guniness the the shot is stuck to the bottom untill your last sip and the whiskey hit you like a ton of bricks!!!

First guiness first carbomb

posted by Carboms ARE THE SHIT @ 12:30AM, 6/16/07

A buncha people i was with were taking carbombs and i was reluctant from the start.. so i figured id open up my first guiness ever and i really didnt like it.. but my friends ached me on to take a carbomb… so i did and it tasted great. I took 2 more and now i found this website and am writing this. They taste GREAT! very good drink.


posted by No One, thank you @ 03:26AM, 6/16/07

All this talk of offensive beverage names makes me wonder what a drink called the “World trade center” or “9-11” would be.

I’m thinking a vodka-based mixture (You’d have to make it grey, somehow) poured into two tall, thin glasses, shotgunned through a nice, wide straw one after another. The straw is to simulate the top-down collapse. (Also, maybe make it high-proof enough to burn like a flaming shot?)

Discuss. 😉

(God Bless the anonymity of the internet)

Dont be so stupid

posted by jimmy @ 02:10PM, 6/19/07

I have managed bars all around Europe and currently live in Paris. I am fully Irish, never been offended and to all you girly yanks, never been beaten by anybody in a car bomb challenge. Call it what you want but just put your money on the table.


posted by Nimravus @ 09:43AM, 7/08/07

Would be interesting to have a drink that would be named after 9/11 or the WTC. I mean no disrespect to the US, merely as a commemorative to the people. Maybe some patriot will come up with one that we can all drink to those who were lost. Again, no offense intended…

(Amen to the anonymity of the internet)


Ski Patrollers too

posted by . @ 01:47PM, 7/13/07

I would like to point out that this is also a favorite drink of Ski Patrollers … at least those that I work with here in Colorado 🙂 And for the record, maybe it’s a Colorado thing, I don’t know a bartender who even blinks out here when someone orders a Car Bomb (i rarely hear someone mention the Irish part)

The name…

posted by SW @ 09:05AM, 7/17/07

The name IS offensive. I’m Irish (from Waterford). I moved to England when the IRA was at it’s most dangerous. Car bombs are heinous devices. The name is insulting to me as a peaceful non-violent Irish person and as someone who lived in fear of Irish terrorism in England during the 70’s and 80’s.

Thankfully, in England, I’ve never heard this drink called a Car Bomb (Irish or otherwise). I’ve heard it called Depth Charge, but I prefer the other names I’ve heard, such as… a Muddy Puddle, an Irish Mist and a Peace Treaty. All much better, more positive names for such a good drink, in my opinion.

Shut up you tight ass

posted by A Real Irishman @ 08:38PM, 7/18/07

Muddy puddle? Irish Mist? PEACE TREATY?? Get the hell outta here you complete sap. Its a fucking drink, not goddamn c4. Personally I’ve never heard the term used but I laughed when I read it here. I’m Irish, still living here since I was born and I don’t take offence. It’s like taking offence when someone jokes about the plantations or a more general thing, AIDS. Quit living in the past!! I suppose you’d take offence to the english fish & chip shop blowing up in the Patrick’s Day Parade in the Simpsons.


Its not offensive unless you’re a touchy feely jackass.

For those afraid of Guinness..

posted by DiiRTMcGiiRT @ 12:35PM, 7/19/07

Even if you can’t stand dark beers, or Guinness in particular, this drink is still worth a shot…your chugging is rewarded by the Bailey’s/Jameson’s at the end. Tastes like a freaking milkshake. We did these in Kerr jars with tealight candle holders for the shot glasses. Yeah, we’re broke, but it worked fine. For a 12 of Guinness, and the smallest bottles of Bailey’s and Jameson’s it cost roughly $60. Enjoy 🙂


posted by you’reface @ 11:37PM, 8/18/07

This may be ignorance but arent you supposed to set it on fire then dunk it in?

West Ireland V.S. Dublin

posted by Tyler @ 09:05PM, 8/20/07

I wouldn’t ask for one of these in West or South Ireland … I made good enough friends with a guy in Ennis and he told me that I should call it a Missle to order. Dubliners are more friendly when it comes to foreigners at bars.

If your Irish bow down

posted by Amanda @ 02:29AM, 8/21/07

So its basic, ladies and gentlemen… its baileys, jameson, and Guinness! You cant complain if you like to drink! If you have never tried this then Bottoms up and drink it down!

To those saying offensive and ‘dont ask in these here parts’

posted by Jack MeHoff @ 05:21AM, 8/22/07

Stfu already – ok there are retarded ignorant people everywhere in the world – and now we know that you associate with them too –

there are people in the US who will kick your ass just for dressing a certain way. Hell there are people who would kick your irish ass for your accents.

Im not saying its right my point is only to illustrate that the people getting pissed and fighting about this are just retardedly ignorant, regardless of either stupid reason they are getting pissed about.

Why dont you call it…

posted by Tender, Another! @ 04:13PM, 8/30/07

The Irish Boiler plate? Same drink, less offensive name.


posted by Kade Odell @ 01:37AM, 9/19/07

The name is very offensive….though i am only 19 and an Irish/American…i have heard of and seen the violence of Northern Irelanda, and don’t agree with the name at all….although i’ve never had this drink..i would like too…lol….i live in VERY rural america but still feel my Irish roots…and i drink alot. but would still like it called somethin else jus becuz of my past and becuz of all the pasts of the ppl i don’t know personally but i understand what they are going through…specially after losing my greatest friend and younger brother Colton at age 16.

Take another drink

posted by Thomas Jefferson @ 11:41PM, 9/19/07

Hey if you’re crying about the name, you clearly need another pint to freshen your spirits. Shut up and drink up!


posted by Hollabackgirl @ 08:12PM, 9/22/07

Irish Car Bomb is a sweet ass drink!! Great fun when you’re out with friends. What a way to end the night. Just gotta be good at swallowing *wink wink*

Off Topic

posted by HoudiniLogic @ 02:36PM, 10/29/07

I’m sure this sounds stupid to anyone who knows the answer, but what does dropping the shot glass into the drink do, that couldn’t be accomplished by pouring the shot in then drinking. (I don’t just mean for this drink as the curdled baileys has already been described, but for drinks in general)

Who Cares?

posted by Who Cares? @ 02:26PM, 11/04/07

Who cares what you call it? i’m Irish, and the only people i’ve ever known to take offense to it are those who lost somebody to the carbombs, but i don’t usually drink with them. Other than that, nobody seems to care. The only reason i could think of to call it something else would be so you don’t have to deal with all the shit somebody will probably give you for the name. It’s a great drink. Start off the night with a couple of these, and i guarantee that you’ll know exactly why one of its other names is a depthcharge. and for all you people asking how the americans would like it if you ordered a drink named 9/11 in an american bar, i would like to think that they would remember the dead, have a drink for em, and live life to the full. If you take offense at every little thing, you’re bound for a life of hardships. One of the greatest disservices you can do to the dead is remember them for their death, not their life. I say knock em back boys, lets have a night!


posted by decendent of Dublin @ 06:35PM, 11/07/07

just had my first one ( I mean 3 ) and I freekin’ love ’em!!!!!!! Hope to drink 9 more tonight. God I love the Irish!!! GOD BLESS THE MOTHER LAND!!!!!!!

When in Ireland…

posted by Raven @ 04:03AM, 11/08/07

Recently I was in Dublin and a friend of mine wanted to order a car bomb. Basically he went up to the bartender and said, “I don’t know what you call it here….” and proceeded to described the drink. The guy laughed and said something like “Oh I know what you’re talking about” and made it for him. Another friend of mine who has traveled outside the city says it’s completely fine to just call it an Irisih Car Bomb. I don’t think the Irish take being Irish as seriously as the Boston Irish do.

Get over it.

posted by Anon @ 02:42PM, 11/08/07

Let us call it, “You blew up my Irish granny” I mean, that’s not offensive right?

I was advised not to…

posted by andy @ 06:03PM, 11/08/07

Just returned from Ireland, traveled thru-out the country, East, West and South. enjoyed Guiness from the Storehouse (much better there than here, was told that Guiness is like a shy lady, it doesn’t travel well) and enjoyed all their whiskys. Spoke to two different bartenders, one in Killarney and one in Dublin, in reference to this drinks name, both advised it would be in bad taste. As far as Dubs being more friendly to us foreigners, my experience was different. We were greeted better in the West and for the most part in the South. The exception was in Cork City, not too friendly that night. Enjoy the drink, whatever you want to call it.

Why don’t you…

posted by Stew Padasso @ 12:09AM, 11/12/07

Grow a sack and call it a carbomb you pussy.

Simply the Best

posted by For Cod and Ulster @ 09:44PM, 11/16/07

Brilliant drink from my youthful days in Belfast. We used to drink these at a Pub near Windsor park before the football.They used to call it a George Best. I barely remember Bestie scoring against england at windsor in ’71 because of to many of these!

as for the name ICB.. stupid name indeed. At the bar I own outside Chicago we call it a Depth charge. If someone orders an ICB my bartenders simply tell them what we call them. They’re not rude about it and only tell them once, usually the drunk yuppies will forget and continue to order them as an ICB.

words don’t hurt…

posted by DougO @ 10:02PM, 12/30/07

Any person who reaches the age of consent and still thinks that words hurt is an idiot.

Call the drink whatever you want. Who gives a shit? Let’s invent a drink called the Hillsborough Disaster! Start by crushing 96 cocktail cherries…

The point is: Can you tell if I’m MOCKING the victims or commemorating their memories?

I don’t know if I’m expressing myself too well, as I’ve just had 2 Irish Car Bombs. 8^)

And thank you, Hugh Lyle, because I’m about to have a whisky chaser with a pint of guiness.

P.S. If you’re too thick to have figured this out, yes, I AM a Liverpool supporter.

Wow…great drink

posted by Picante girl @ 03:37AM, 1/02/08

I love this drink esp. on my birthday…St. Patrick’s Day!!! I had all my friends do these last year and now they can’t get enough of them…how can anyone go wrong with guiness, baileys, and whiskey??? It’s just a good combo no matter where you’re from. Hell, I’m a mexican chick from los angeles and I’d take these over tequila anyday… (well almost anyday) 😉 VIVA los Carbombs!!!!

it’s an alcoholic drink

posted by Eric @ 01:51AM, 1/06/08

for god’s sake, if you’re so puritanical that you would get offended by the name of friggin’ mixed drink, i’d suggest not drinking at all. you’re certainly not going to add anything to a social occasion.

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