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Is your car’s Check Engine Light on? Do you want to repair your car yourself rather than take it into the shop? Are you a shadetree mechanic (DIY)? If so, then this site is for you! This site is the premier OBD-II ( a.k.a. OBD2 ) trouble codes resource site. […]

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Is your car’s Check Engine Light on? Do you want to repair
your car yourself rather than take it into the shop? Are you a shadetree mechanic
(DIY)? If so, then this site is for you!

This site is the premier OBD-II ( a.k.a. OBD2 ) trouble codes resource site.
Instead of just giving you a cryptic description of what a trouble code means,
we offer a lot more information on trouble codes: troubleshooting tips, symptoms,
and possible solutions. We strive to give you the most troubleshooting information
as possible, in one site. We also feature car repair forums,
where you can ask questions, totally free.

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Recently added or updated trouble code articles:

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  • Mar 8/19 – P0880, P0881, P0882, P0883, P0884, P0885, P0886, P0887, P0888, P0889, P0890, P0891, P0892
  • Mar 7/19 – P0863, P0864, P0865, P0866
  • Feb 6/19 – P2336, P2337, P2338, P2339, P2340, P2341, P2342, P2343, P2344, P2345, P2346, P2347
  • Feb 5/19 – P2300, P2301, P2302, P2303, P2304, P2305, P2306, P2307, P2308, P2309, P2310, P2311, P2312, P2313, P2314, P2315, P2316, P2317, P2318, P2319, P2320, P2321, P2322, P2323, P2324, P2325, P2326, P2327, P2328, P2329, P2330, P2331, P2332, P2333, P2334, P2335
  • Jan 5/19 – P228A, P228B, P228C, P228D, P228E, P228F, P229A, P229B, P229C, P229D
  • Dec 21/18 – P2288, P2289, P2290, P2291, P2292
  • Oct 19/18 – P2243, P2244, P2245, P2246, P2247, P2248, P2249, P2250, P2257, P2258, P2259, P2260
  • Sept 16/18 – P206E, P206F, P2070, P2071
  • Sept 11/18 – P204F, P205F, P2059, P2060, P2061, P2062, P2063, P2064
  • Aug 20/18 – P204A, P204B, P204C, P204D, P204E, P219C, P219D, P219E, P219F
  • Aug 13/18 – P2042, P2043, P2044, P2045, P2046, P205A, P205B, P205C, P205D, P205E
  • Aug 12/18 – P2037, P2038, P2039, P2040, P2041, P209A, P209B, P209C, P209D, P209E, P20E6, P20E7
  • Aug 3/18 – P2029, P2030, P202A, P202B, P202C, P202D, P202F
  • Jul 25/18 – P0817, P0818, P0819, P081A, P081B, P081C, P081D, P081E
  • Jul 5/18 – P0814, P0815, P0816
  • Jul 2/18 – P201A, P202E, P20F6, P20F7
  • Jun 26/18 – P0812, P0813
  • Jun 20/18 – P0803, P0804, P0810, P0811
  • Jun 11/18 – P0800, P0801, P0802
  • May 31/18 – P0893, P0894, P0895, P0896
  • May 24/18 – Updated privacy policy
  • May 10/18 – P2280, P2281, P2282
  • May 1/18 – P20D7, P20D8, P20D9, P20DA, P20DB, P20DC
  • Apr 28/18 – P20DD, P20DE, P20DF, P20E0, P20E1
  • Apr 26/18 – P20CB, P20CC, P20CD, P20CE, P20CF, P20D0, P20D1, P20D2, P20D3, P20D4, P20D5, P20D6
  • Apr 17/18 – P2047, P2048, P2049, P2050, P2051, P2052, P2053, P2054, P2055, P2056, P2057, P2058
  • Apr 13/18 – P20B9, P20BA, P20BB, P20BC, P20BD, P20BE, P20BF, P20C0, P20C1, P20C2, P20C3, P20C4, P20C5, P20C6, P20C7, P20C8
  • Apr 9/18 – P200C, P200D, P200E, P200F
  • Mar 31/18 – P2251, P2252, P2253, P2254, P2255, P2256
  • Mar 29/18 – P2231, P2232, P2233, P2234, P2235, P2236, P2237, P2238, P2239, P2240, P2241, P2242
  • Mar 28/18 – P200A, P200B, P2425, P2426, P2427, P2271, P2273, P2274, P2275, P2276, P2277
  • Mar 23/18 – P20EC, P20ED, P20EE, P20EF, P20F0, P20F1, P20F2, P20F3
  • Mar 15/18 – P0AFD, P0A7E, P0AFC
  • Mar 12/18 – P2A01, P2A02, P2A04, P2A05
  • Mar 10/18 – P0A7F
  • Mar 7/18 – P219A, P219B
  • Mar 6/18 – P0A7D
  • Feb 19/18 – P245A, P245B, P245C, P245D
  • Feb 18/18 – P2556, P2557, P2558, P2559, P2560, P260A, P260B, P260C, P260D, P253F
  • Feb 17/18 – P06AF, P06B0, P06B1, P06B2, P06B3, P06B4, P06B5, P253A, P253B, P253C, P253D, P253E, P254A, P254B, P254C, P254D, P254E, P255A, P255B, P255C, P255D, P255E codes added
  • Jan 24/18 – P069E, P069F
  • Jan 9/18 – P068A, P068B, P0688, P0689, P0690
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Recent OBD-II Forum Discussions

  • Hyundai Elantra codes P2626 and p0030
    My 08 Hyundai elantra throw codes p2626 02 sensor pumping current trim circuit/open bank 1 sensor 1 and p0030 generic 02 s heater control circuit (bank 1, sensor 1). I went to test the senso…
  • P0688 p2112 p126e 2006 ram
    I’ve got a 2006 ram 2500 5.7 hemi with a crank but no start problem. Codes p0688, p2112, p126e. I just put a new engine in this truck. It sat for over a year. Had it running until this happe…
  • What do OBD2 DTCs P1E00 & P0D3E mean???
    SES light was on this morning after delay departure recharge failed to occur early this morning. Cleared the codes and they did come back, and nothing looks to be amiss with my L2 EVSE.
  • 2003 Ford F-150 code 1797
    2003 Ford 150 4.6 I did engine overhaul and after installing the engine cranks and runs perfect at Idle but will not excellerate I get only a short to ground code…
  • Mini TCM wont communicate with ECU
    Hi all
    I have an 08 mini cooper s convertible, R52 First Generation, Aisin transmission, automatic 6 speed.
    I had a new TCM put in and it was not programmed correctly, it was actually don…
  • P2263 turbo for Fuso Canter
    Hi Guys,
    Wondered if there is anyone out there with this issue and maybe if anyone has been lucky enough to solve it.
    This code comes up with a orange engine light which only seems to happ…
  • 2016 F150 Short to ground codes U0151 U0452 B11D8 B1472 B1330 U0131 B1088 U0420 etc.
    Hi, I have a 2016 Ford F150 and I am getting multiple codes complaining of “short to ground” from the horn, automatic lights switch, headlights, and different things like that. From what I’v…
  • GMC Code P2431
    [b]I have a 2007 GMC Envoy, I’m getting code P2431 Engine light on. P2431 Secondary Air Injection System Air Flow/Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Bank 1.I did the following tests. …
  • 2004 Accord EX V6 P0134 & P2243
    Hi, I’ve got two codes coming up, P0134 & P2243. I want to make sure I buy & replace the right sensor, they both say the same thing. Can anyone tell me which one I need to replace or…
  • 2003 ford focus zetec fault code P0304
    Running rough and very low power across the entire power range. Lite flashes intermittently usually under a higher load. Have also gotten a p0171 with p0304. Have installed new coil pack and…
  • B0090 and B0026 codes
    The scanner shows Left Frontal Restraints Sensor switch short to battery/ ground.
    Is there anyone who has come across this and where was the short?…
  • Nissan Altima pressure control solenoid B location?
    where do i find the pressure control solenoid B on my 2015 Nissan Altima…

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