Like the song says, you’re going to the chapel to do you-know-what. But how’s Mom getting there? Or your bridesmaids, or for that matter, your fiancé(e)? And just as important, how’s everybody (wedding guests included!) getting from the ceremony to the reception… and then home? Unless you plan on beaming […]

Bike Trail Closures & Notices     ? Sanitary Sewer and Water and Stream Stability project in Wilderness Park along Old Cheney Road. This project is requiring the re routing of Wilderness Park Trails on both the east and west side of Salt Creek. Trail users are being re-routed along […]

Bicycle Solutions develops bicycle and pedestrian master plans, feasibility studies, safety assessments and designs (conceptual/schematic) for improved streets, intersections and interchanges.  Since 1999 we’ve teamed with many of the big names in transportation and infrastructure planning, design, architecture, engineering and construction such as AECOM, Alta, Arup, BKF, Fehr & […]