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“The automobile has practically reached the limit of its development is suggested by the fact that during the past year no improvements of a radical nature have been introduced.” (Scientific American January 2, 1909) Hydrogen and Oxygen gas spilt from water, we can “Hydroxy gas”the molecules are bonded together positively […]

“The automobile has practically reached the limit of its development is suggested by the fact that during the past year no improvements of a radical nature have been introduced.” (Scientific American January 2, 1909)

Hydrogen and Oxygen gas spilt from water, we can “Hydroxy gas”
the molecules are bonded together positively in a ortho hydrogen state,
2.4x’s to 4x’s more powerful than the normal “para hydrogen” The common hydrogen “para hydrogen” the apposing negative state of hydrogen that can be pressurized into a metal tank or bottle. NOw they store it in plastic bottles., that can take high pressure for long periods that we see in pressured into a liquid metal bottle of gas. Hydroxy gas can NOT be stored this way, it is too powerful to store in a tank. You make the Gas as you drive. Your alternator generates amps to run your stainless steel plate cell under the hood. You make the gas as you drive. You never hear much of this, expect for Nasa with rockets. Being illegal to run a car just off of water on a US hyway is a crime in the USA. Why this individual would drive an buy no road tax from the gasoline? He would STOP supporting the government gas tax, every time you fill up. Bro Andrew

Listen to this video, all 10 parts, if you want to hear about this technology. Not a myth or a crime. Hear it from the man who is ahead of his field, from a recent Hydrogen Show. 2/09 Bob Boyce®



Another Inconvenient Truth – FREE ENERGY

Beware : inventors of Water Cars disappear, or bought or die. Many get bought out and their invention shelved. Alot of people don’t believe this part. Most think your crazy for mentioning it. I’m not trying to scare you, or create fear, just stating fact is all. Go read these stories and you might change your mind. A guy named Bill recently (4/06) made a Joe Cell Replica in his Ford truck, he says ran like a hotrod, but was approached by 2 men who threatened him to stop his “Free Energy” experiments, otherwise lose your Grand children. So poor Bill stopped his progress. READ the LATEST NEWS

*Attention! Most of you are victims of the major media. The Big Banks own the media, so they control the masses by media. Are you going to let them, NO. Well turn your channel to LINK TV 7 Free Speech TV. We are losing our rights, we need to Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights. Bob Marley.

You may NOT get the the REAL truth watching commercial TV, you need to educate your self on Youtube.com Only joking. I don’t trust canned media . “Even the elect of God will be deceived “and that one might be you. ( Read Luke 18:7-9, Matt.24:24-28, Mark 13:22-37 ) Please start watching LINK.TV & FREESPEECH.TV today! You will find the TRUTH and you will be able to relate,
your heart will rejoice by the TRUTH. There is no VICTORY in War, WAR=DEATH+BANKRUPTCY. If you have a heart, please repent, our world is truly at stake. We definitely need a CHANGE if we are to survive. The Holy Spirit wants you to hear the TRUTH! You have been the perfect victim and now it is time to climb out of the force fed media pit and clear your mind & listen back to the truth. Turn on LinkTV.org today! If you only have cable tv you can ALWAYS view video listen to live pod casts dally at LINKTV & FREESPEECHTV every single day we are still alive! (John 8:32 – “And ye shall know the truth
and the truth shall make you free.”)

“You will not see it on TV, but you’ll sure see it on YouTube!” Simply type in”hydrogen generator ” and spend hours learning about HHO gas

Go to YouTube.com and type in hydrogen generator
Go to YouTube.com and type in Nickola Tesla
Go to YouTube.com and type in Who Killed the Electric Car
Go to YouTube.com and type in Building Seven
Go to YouTube.com and type in German UFO’s
The learning curve never ends with You tube!


Tell your trucker friends that they can buy a Hydrogen Cell that fills with water. It will clean up their emissions by HC up to 25 to 50% and 90% C emissions after a few months of driving, all C deposits get steam cleaned off the engine. Takes out black carbon build up. We are currently testing many different cell configurations. We invite you to come back and see the process. Moving forward to a greener future. 10/09

All carbon is gone & save up to 10% to 40% MPG savings! Also will turn their rigs into a dragster! Up to 8 liters per minute of hydroxy gas added to the air mix. Get one installed today!

Another step closer to a Water Powered Trucker!

Join this great group and learn for yourself!
Download the files.

The 200 MPG Book that was banned and not allowed to be published, out of print and the author? Download it now!

Educate yourself on how to heat with vegetable oil.

After 8 years of research I gathered all the information I could to make these web pages. I will continue to add more. Why you ask, because water powered cars can and will heal the planet. My intention is to inform everyone of alternative fuel is here, but not being used. The DOE and present administration’s idea of a Hydrogen Future is not reality, just a waste of research money. They give 20 billion dollars away into Hydrogen Research, in which only pads their wallets, not ours. Watch this quick video, notice how he laughs and chuckles about this issue. We need him to follow though with his words. Imagine Hydrogen Gas Stations of the future where you drive up to fill your car up with pressurized hydrogen (like LP propane fuel today, but more dangerous tanks) for how much a gallon? $10 a gallon? How much for the car Try $200K. When you can make your own hydrogen real easy! Water is Free if you have a well. Collect the rain water off your roofs. Easy solution. Once Water takes over. The Oil Empire will shrink, so and that is why they fight so hard to keep us un-informed. But thanks to God and the Internet we can live better! I encourage everyone who reads this to build one yourself. I have not personally built a successful water car yet, but I’m presently working on one in my spare time. A lot of interest is sparking up and a wave of truth is coming to us all. In 2007 I started a business : Hydrogen Garage, now I work with Hydrogen Trucker & Hydrogen Junkie. & CentralValleyHHO.com We are enjoying our new found occupation.

“Who is stopping the Water Powered Car? 20 billion dollar$ being spent to stop it. See the video.

I made this site because the people will perish without a vision. Not to many of us, seem to have any courage, everyone is comfortable, & complacent lazy and chicken. Get off your ass and do something. “Son, , are going for your free ride into Heaven?” Score big time with the Creator, install a hydro-booster today in your car today See below.!

New Zealanders have Water Powered Cars & Motorcycles! See the videos now!!

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